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Class: Trader
Faction: All Factions
Level: 25-220
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When Traders reach level 25, they get access to a special terminal in various locations across Rubi-Ka labeled "Specialist Commerce". These terminals are collectively and colloquially known as "The Trader Shop". Not only can you find items here that you cannot find anywhere else, selling to this terminal yields more cash for your vendor junk than any other terminal in the game. Also, the profit from this terminal is the same, regardless of what faction you belong to. Be sure to cast your computer literacy buff before using it!

Note that Agents cannot access the Trader Shop when in False Profession: Trader (or any other Trader-mimicking nano-programs).

Trader Shop Locations


Trader Shop in Omni Trade
Omni-1 Entertainment - 230x490

(NW corner, sign says "Finest Edition")

Trader Shop in Omni Ent
Omni-1 Entertainment - 845x430

(SE, look for the gigantic Yalm sign)

Trader Shop in Rome Green
Rome Green district - 410x340
- 410x340
(midline on East Wall, north of the Jobe Whompah)

Trader Shop in Rome Blue
Rome Blue district - 540x330

(midline on West Wall, mirror image of Rome Green)


Trader Shop in ICC HQ
Andromeda - 3257x796

(in one of the alcoves inside the tower)

Trader Shop in Newland City
Newland City - 290x315

Trader Shop in Borealis
Borealis - 652x576

(sign says "Hi Tech")

Trader Shop at Harry's Outpost
Lush Fields - 3040x3030

(down the road from the gridpoint, on your left)

Trader Shop at 20K Outpost
Pleasant Meadows - 1190x2350


Trader Shop in Tir
Tir - 395x545

(NW Corner)

Trader Shop in Old Athen
Athen Old - 370x500

(AKA Finest Edition or FE, a common meeting place)

Trader Shop Inventory

Unique Items

Except for the Controller Recompiler Units, all of the items in this section are unique to the Trader Shop and cannot be found elsewhere (unlike the weapons in the next section, which can be rolled on missions).

Gives a bonus of 15 to Vehicle Ground and Vehicle Air

NoDrop UNIQUE item that allows you to access GMS from anywhere

Former inventory

Prior to the 18.7 patch, the trader shop used to sell various weapons. This is no longer the case; all weapons previously sold in the trader shop are now for sale in specialised weapon stores. Weapon terminals in general stores, such as Fair Trade, do not sell these. They are now sold in weapon stores such as in
Borealis - 613x685
Andromeda - 3335.8x904.5
. You don't have to be a trader to buy from these shops.

Weapon shop in Borealis

For reference, these are the weapons that used to be sold in the trader shop, but are now available elsewhere:

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