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The Physician's Cap is an upgrade for the Cap of the Besieger, an item that can be purchased at the Trader Shop. It is a leveling item that goes from QL 15 to 75 and provides nice AC for its requirements. Best of all, it boosts Treatment, a bonus that is difficult to find for armor suitable for TL2 and TL3.

Items you will need to make the Physician's Cap:

(note: must be QL 13 or higher)

(note: must be within 90% of the nanobots' QL)

The Cap of the Besieger can be purchased from the Trader Shop. The Nano Programming Interface and Inactive OT Metamorphing Liquid Nanobots can be found in general shops. You can find the Notum Chip or Notum Fragment from mission mobs or regular Rubi-Ka mobs (any mob that drops gems). Try the Floaters and Bloaters in Foreman's for some easy Notum Chip harvesting above level 50.

  +    =  

This process takes 4x Nano Programming and 2.5x Computer Literacy based on the QL of Nanobots. Inactive OT Nanobots must be at least QL 13.

  +    =  

  +    =  

This process takes 4x Nano Programming and 1x Chemistry based on the QL of the Nanobots. The Notum Chips or Fragments need to be at least 90% the QL of the OT Nanobots (rounded down).

  +    =  

This last step requires 67 in Chemistry (approximately 4.5x the QL of the Cap of the Besieger).

Note: The end product will be the Physician's Cap at quality level 15. You can level this cap by right clicking on it. Be careful: the Physician's Cap gains a TL3 requirement at QL 45!

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Written by Hahnsoo.
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