Neuters 'R' Us

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Neuters 'r' Us
Newland City - 446x340
, commonly referred to simply as Neuters, is quite a small bar located by the Bronto Burger stand in Newland City.

Neuters 'r' Us

Location: 446 x 340, Newland City

Outside of the bar in Newland City.

Just as you enter the building, you will find a small room to your left, in there are two people. Misa Ramirez, who is an NPC to speak with during the Social Clothing Quest and Nolan Deslandes, who will be spoken to if you are a Bureaucrat during your Jack Leg Chopper Ring Quest.

Coming back out of that room, you will be facing a door that is to the right of the front door of Neuters. This leads to the bathrooms, which to be quite honest leaves a little to be desired. Might be worth just to hold on! Trust me!

Continuing down the hall, you will come to the small bar area. In here you will find a Bartender, Imelda Dane and Fritz. All of these NPCs are part of the Social Clothing Quest .

In the bar area of Neuters 'r' Us.

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