Jack's rings

Class: Trader, Soldier, Nano-Technician, Meta-Physicist, Martial-Artist, Fixer, Engineer, Enforcer, Doctor, Bureaucrat, Agent, Adventurer
Faction: All Factions
Level: 130-220
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There are 12 NPCs scattered around Rubi-Ka that give out unique quests. The rewards from these quests are profession specific. Every profession can talk to any of them, but unless it's their designated NPC, they won't get very far!

Each NPC wants your help in retrieving a specific item from Jack "Leg-Chopper" Menendez. The real Jack doesn't actually drop any of the requested items though. Instead you should locate one of his 5 clones that are scattered around Varmint Woods. The clones spawn with placeholders, Soul Swappers, (15min spawn) and have close to a 100% drop chance on one of the quest items. The drops are random, so you might spend some time looking for right one for your profession.

A couple of tips before you start:
  • Get your profession specific item prior to pulling the quest.
  • Only the middle Soul Swapper in a camp is a place-holder; you can ignore the rest of them if they don't attack you first.
  • Try to circle around several camps killing the placeholders; you'll get more chance of spawning a clone.

Soul Swapper

Jack "Leg-chopper" Clone

Jack Legchopper Clones can be found at the following locations:
  • Jack Legchopper Clone #1
    Varmint Woods - 2830x2720

  • Jack Legchopper Clone #2
    Varmint Woods - 2170x1100

  • Jack Legchopper Clone #3
    Varmint Woods - 3750x1005

  • Jack Legchopper Clone #4
    Varmint Woods - 2515x440

  • Jack Legchopper Clone #5
    Varmint Woods - 4080x350

Clones are no push-over. They spawn in ql 150-160 range. If you plan to do this quest at intended level, you definitely need a team. Or an end-game friend. But the reward, at least for some professions, is worth the troubles. With different base abilities and even treatment, these rings are interesting even to players with expansions. For each profession's NPC, item needed and reward, please consult the lists below.

Quick Reference Required Items

Details per Profession


1550x1000, Deep Artery Valley
Quickest route to the NPC is either through the F-Grid or via Belial Forrest. As an Omni you might have to resort to using Outpost 10-3 and fly East.
NPC Name
Item Needed
Kendric Kuzio
Deep Artery Valley - 1550x1000


1220x1940, Galway County
Exit the grid to Galway, there are usually no Omni-Tek guards around so it should be safe for Clan players.
NPC Name
Item Needed
Susan Furor
Galway County - 1220x1940


Inside Neuter'r'us, Newland City
Use the Whompahs from ICC, Newland Desert or Borealis.
NPC Name
Item Needed
Nolan Deslandes
Newland City - 446x340


2115x795, The Longest Road
As Omni use the Whompah from 2h0, as Clan use the Whompah to Bliss and head West. Beware of Omni Guards as a Clan.
NPC Name
Item Needed
Quintus Romulus
The Longest Road - 2115x795


Inside Beer and Booze, Hope, Mort
Use the Whompah from Stret West Bank or Newland Desert. Beer & Booze is a PvP zone that is rarely visited, but beware that you may be attacked by other players if you stick around for too long.
NPC Name
Item Needed
Mort - 2837x1932


Inside Cyborg Barracks, Greater Tir County
As Clan head North-East from Tir or alternatively all factions can enter Inner Sanctum, exit and find themselves at ToTW and then head East.
NPC Name
Item Needed
Janella Gheron
Greater Tir County - 3232x2340


Inside Fixer Grid, top floor
If you have done the Fixer Grid Quest simply cast the nano and enter the F-Grid. If not, get ahold of a Fixer with it.
NPC Name
Item Needed
Ted "Gridman" Johnson

Martial Artist

Pleasent Meadows 1510x720. Inside of the castle, top spire.
Head South from 20k or North from Omni Forrest.
NPC Name
Item Needed
Daedra Iberra
Pleasant Meadows - 1510x720

Meta Physicist

1730x940, Mort
Sentinels Grid Exit or South-West from Hope. Beware of Cyborgs and Clan guards if you are Omni.
NPC Name
Item Needed
Elmer Raag
Mort - 1730x940


Inside Smuggler's Den, Southern Foul Hills -- All the way at the end
Quickest route by far is the Fixer-Grid. There are a lot of mobs in the way as well as at least one boss, be careful.
NPC Name
Item Needed
Robin Raag
Southern Fouls Hills - 1740x880


Inside Reet's Retreat, Stret West Bank
Whompah from Borealis or Hope.
NPC Name
Item Needed
Captain Lewison
Stret West Bank - 1196x2818


1300x885, Stret East Bank
Grid to 2h0. If you are clan beware that you will zone into an Omni camp, so be careful. Stret East Bank is also a 25% zone, so you can be attacked by other players.
NPC Name
Item Needed
Monday Klein
Stret East Bank - 1300x885

Other Loot

Besides the items needed for the quest, clones also have a chance to drop:

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