Fixer Grid Quest Part 1

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Fixer Grid Quest Part One

In this manual we will walk you through the steps to aquire the beauty shown below,
which will give you, and only you access to the Fixer Grid.

Before starting this quest you will want to be sure you meet the requirements for to use the Nano Crystal as follows:

Sensory improvement >= 180
Time and space >= 132
Level >= 40
Breaking and entry >= 203

There are also a few items you should have before starting the quest to save yourself some time:

Can be bought in the "Toys and Curiosities" shop in any major city.

This is same item that is used for Dodga/Alvin Shoulderpads Quests, it drops from the mobs surrounding the Trash King, as well as a few other places around Rubi-Ka including the junk yard hill in Galway Shire.

This can be found in an Advanced Fixer Nano Shop in any major city.

A Yalm or a high level friend will come in handy for you Clanners, since the troops in Omni Entertainment have been upgraded, even a higher level Fixer has trouble getting around them.

Now that you've gathered the basic equipment for the quest, we will get you started. First, You will need to head to Newland and speak to a character there named "
Newland City - 262x320
". His odd spiky hair will give him away. He's standing in front of a billboard near the West gate. His exact coordinates are 262,320. Talking to Ofoz is going to cost you, to get the quest you'll need to bribe him with 25,000 Credits.

Now were off to the next player in this little Run around.

Next, Is a character named "Smokey Willy" in Omni-1 Entertainment. Now if your Clan since you will get instantly murdered by Unicorn Guards while entering Omni-1 Entertainment from the normal grid exit, you will have to find an alternate entrance to the city. There are multiple ways to achieve entry, you can find a higher level Fixer that will help you by Fixer Gridding you in, a high level Engineer that is willing to Beacon Warp you to Smokey Willy, or taking one of the new "Baboons" Whom-Pahs in a player city and walking through the city to Smokey Willy.

If you go the Fixer Grid Route you should take the "Omni-1 Entertainment" exit on the first floor. You will find
Smokey Willy
Omni-1 Entertainment - 470x1042
just a smidgen North from the Grid Point. If your getting Beacon Warped in you can have the Engineer warp you to his exact coordinates of 470,1042. And if you use the Babooons Whom-Pah, you will find Smokey Willy North West from there. If someone is helping you though don't let them go until the end of the quest, you will need them again to get back into Omni-1 Entertainment a couple more times.

However you decide get there, once you find Smokey Willy you will want to open a conversation with him. Eventually he will ask you to find a Nano Crystal (Instantaneous Encoding), remember we said you should get this before you start the quest. Go ahead and hand this nano program to him, and you will get a Polluted Instantaneous Encoding Crystal in return.

While you are here in Omni-1 Entertainment you can save yourself some time by completing another part of the quest for an item you are going to need later. Flying above the tall skyscrapers, or carefully making your way on foot, to the South East corner of Omni-1 Entertainment you will find a small garden with "A Spoiled Brat" in it.

Once your there open a conversation with her, and speak with her about her toys. You will want to get a Fancy Doll from her by trading her A Leet doll which was one of the items I suggested getting before starting the quest.

Now we will return to Ofoz and give him the Polluted Nano Crystal. Then he will send you on a quest to "Find some wafer thin nano crystals...".

To do this you will have to pay a visit to "
Brenda Diamond
Broken Shores - 430x2216
" by the Twin Altars in Broken Shores, her coordinates are 430,2216. Brenda will ask 50,000 credits for her Homegrown Crystal Wafers. Go ahead and give her the money for the wafers and once again return to Ofoz.

After giving the Wafers to Ofoz he will yet again ask you for another item. This is another item you should have collected before starting the quest. So once you've got the quest for the Bundle of Nano-Tubes go ahead and trade those in to Ofoz as well. Now he will ask you for an "ICC brand AI processing cube...", and we just happen to already have one! Remember that Fancy Doll you got from the Brat? Well that contains that AI processor, so go ahead and hand that to Ofoz and he will work the Fixer mojo of hacking on it.

Once he has the Doll, you'll get another mission! (woohoo!)

Time to hurry

This will be the Final Step of the quest, and you have to complete it rather rapidly, you have 9 minutes for each part of the following steps. So make sure your help is still with you if you had any since you'll need to get back into Omni-1 Entertainment twice more. Once to see Smokey Willy, as well as a dancing Atrox named "Dancing Fool".

This is the order in which you have to go to the NPC's and trade them the Polluted Nano Crystal to gather information and have the Nano Program repaired:

First, Back into Omni-1 Entertainment to see Smokey Willy, he will upgrade the Nano Crystal for you and instruct you to head to the next person.

Sally Tall
Newland Desert - 1480x2760
, she is located in Meetmedere at coordinates 1480,2760 right along the edge of the Tall Cliff, this is close to Uncle Bazzit's Shop. And before you ask, no, she isn't tall it's just her name.

Third, We will head back to Brenda Diaond in Broken Shores by the Twin Altars, Crypt of Home entrance. She will look at your palm and make a magic sign, but she won't sell you a bottle of Love Potion No.9, she will send you off to your next target.

Fourth, We will go see Coco. Coco is easily found in West Athen in The Cup, a small Cafe you will find West from the Grid Terminal, both in same small street. Except if you try from the air, this place shouldn't be too heavily guarded, so you omnis shouldn't have much trouble getting into The Cup without dying : just exit from normal WA grid, run west ASAP & quickly turn right into the bar. Coco will upgrade your crystal and speed you on to the next NPC.

Fifth, This is where we have to go back to Omni-1 Entertainment again, and to the night club called
Omni-1 Entertainment - 755x751
to see Dancing Fool. The entrance to the Club can be found at 755x751 in Omni Entertainment. He will upgrade the Nano Crystal and send you off again.

Finally, you will need to speak with Sirocco, you can find him in Old Athen. This part may be tough for those omni fixers trying to complete the quest.

Usually, Ramon Bauer, of the Clan Vanguards is guarding the grid terminal. There are a few alternate methods of entering Old Athen. First, you can have a friend Fixer Grid you in, or an Engi Beacon Warp you in to Sirocco. You can also use the West Gate into Old Athen and clinging along the wall to the right. Make sure you stay well against the wall, and don't get aggro from the guards a little to the East. You can also use the Whom-Pah from Jobe Platform, however, there is a roaming Vanguard over by it, so you will want to have your yalm equipped and fly up as soon as you zone in to Old Athen just to make sure you don't die.

Which ever way you get there,
Athen Old - 282x210
resides at the coordinates 282,210 in Old Athen. Once you speak to him he will give you the reward:

You use the Hack Grid Data by executing it near a grid terminal. Upon execution, a Data Receptacle will spawn in your inventory. Pick up the Data Receptacle and use it on the grid terminal and you will be transported into the Fixer Grid. The Data Receptacle disappears after approximately 10 seconds.

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