Lush Hills Resort

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Lush Hill Resort
Lush Fields - 1454x683
is a luxurious getaway spot for Omni-Tek employees and on occasion the brave clanner or neutral trying to sneak in to take a dip in the pristine pools.

Lush Hills Resort

Location: 1454 x 683 Lush Fields.

The main building is tall and stands out for miles with it's sleek and modern design.

In front of Lush Hills Resort.

Location of Lush Hills Resort on Saavick's Map of Rubi-Ka.

A grid access terminal is conveniently located next to the main building.

Safety (and surveillance it seems) is important to Omni-Tek, so cameras record all activity in the area.

In front of the main building there are insurance and bank terminals.

At the north side of the building, Omni-Tek has placed two standard omni mission terminals available to employees who may want to earn some extra credits and tokens.

Behind the building there are two mail terminals available to use, maybe you want to tell your friends "Wish you were here!".

At the very top, there is a landing pad which is only for use of Omni-Tek officials. A large ship hovers above as part of the security measures to protect the resort.

At the north end, you will see a diving tower. If you stand near the bottom you will be teleported to the top diving board. Don't forget your swimming suit.

At the north west corner, there is a security tower with a high intensity spotlight doing surveillance of the surrounding area.

At the south end, you will see another diving tower. This one however, is far from safe. If you stand near the bottom you will be teleported to the top diving board which has been framed into a small room.

Ed Burton will be at the top, and regardless of faction will almost immediately attack you, he's part of a Daily Mission.

At the south eastt corner, there is another security tower, identical to the one on the opposite side of the resort.

Featuring four modern swimming pools and located fairly close to Omni-1, this resort is a relaxing oasis of tranquility (which coincidentally is north from the Coast of Tranquility zone) provides a great place to take a vacation to any corporate employee.

Please be aware that currently the main building is not accessible due to remodeling, there is no due date as to when it will open.

Warning: Clan and Neutral players can make a fast run/flight from the grid access away from the resort, but that doesn't guarantee their safety due to omni guards and slayerdroids roaming around.

A bit south east from the resort there is a group of shops available to omni employees.

Here you see the OT Superior Armor shop.

Within it, the OT Superior Quality Armorer will offer you his wares.

A stand selling snacks and junk food is also available.

The OT Party Mixer will offer you beverages, pizza and maybe even cake. She is part of the Living Cyber Armor quest.

A mail terminal is also there for your personal use.

This is the OT Ordinary/Advanced Supermarket.

As you enter, there will be plenty of advanced shop terminals.

The Nano Department will have Basic General Crystals and Advanced Nano Crystals for all professions.

The Trade Department is rather large with over thirty Advanced terminals available.

An OT Bartender will offer you a few choices of beverages.

Lucky for you, there is also a Bronto Burger stand nearby.

The OT Bronto Chef has a few choices of beverages, bronto burgers and muffins.

There are two standard omni mission terminals available for those who want to earn some extra credits and tokens.

A Mongol Meat stand is also in the area (both franchises have been fighting over the bronto burger market for a long time).

The OT Food Provider has a few choices of food and beverages.

This is the OT Advanced Implants building.

Inside you'll find the OT Advanced Quality Augmenter who will offer you basic implants.

A Stationary Automated Surgery Clinic is also available.a

This is the OT Advanced Pharmacy building.

As you enter, the OT Advanced Quality Pharmacist will offer you medical supplies.

This unremarkable small building actually is the OT Special/Advanced Supermarket.

If you're looking for a new yalm or maybe some spiffy furniture this shop may come in handy.

Overall, the resort and nearby shops offer a large variety of choices between relaxation and shopping. It would be quite easy for any Omni-Tek employee to spend hours here.

If you're an engineer working on your Improved Solar-Powered Pistol you can hunt down the slayerdroids in the area (one of the best place to do this) as they drop the Experimental Nanobot Classifying Computer used in the engi pistol upgrades.

Last updated on 04.24.2022 by Saavick
Written by Windguaerd. Additional information provided by Silvana.
Maps: Atlas of Rubi Ka.
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