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1 - The Whom-Pah System
2 - The Grid
3 - The Fixer Grid
4 - Special traveling options

1 - The Whom-Pah System

First note: The Whom-Pah gateway was called this way because of the sound you hear when you step through the door. Due to this reason there are some different ways of writing the name, most common are also Whompa and Whoom-Pah, others may exist as well.

The Whom-Pah System is the most basic way of travelling on Rubi-Ka. It is a connection of gateways transferring you from one point to another simply by walking through the door. Due to the nature of requiring fixed connections, each door leads only to one place and back of course. A positive point is that you need no skill or ability, except the ability to walk actually, to use this transport device network. Most Whom-Pah points offer two to three possible destinations, to reach the one of your choice you only need to pass the according door.
This is the example of Whom-Pahs you'll find at the ICC hall:

As you can see, the destination of each door can be seen over the according door, from left to right Tir, Newland (City) and (Omni) Trade District. Additionally you see the two different Whom-Pah layouts, the left and middle one are part of the Clan and Neutral Whompa System while the right one is part of the Omni-Tek Whom-Pah system. While the Omni version looks different it still works exactly the same. Each faction, counting Neutral as faction, has it's own Whom-Pah System connecting the major cities and some important or often used outposts. Only the ICC connects all three Whom-Pah Systems.

Now you may wonder how you should ever remember which Whom-Pah route leads to the place you want to go. Gladly most 3rd party maps offer a view on the Whom-Pah System for planning, like this example taken from AoRK available in our download section:

Besides this standard Rubi-Ka Whom-Pah System another rather small Whom-Pah connection exists. Unfortunately it is only available to those whose account has at least the Shadowland Expansion. This small Whom-Pah system is rather nice for travelling though, it connects the three major cities Borealis, Rome Green and Old Athen by a platform basically used to reach the Shadowlands, the Jobe Platform.

While it is not a pure Rubi-Ka travel this connection is still very useful and very often used for reaching one of the three cities. The Jobe Platform is also the most important starting point for Travelling through the Shadowlands
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2 - The Grid

The Grid offers faster and more secure travelling through a digital connection than most Whom-Pah routes. While the Grid hasn't more exits or entrances (unless you call grid nanos as entrances), it is often preferred to the easy way of use: enter and get out where you want to. However there is one requirement to enter and exit the Grid: Computer Literacy (CL). When I remember right all access terminals require 91 CL, but many exits require a lot more to let you pass back into the real world.

After you have entered the grid by one of the Grid Access Terminals shown above you are "converted" into a digital being of a light blue pentaeder. Don't be afraid, this is just your appearance in the Grid, once you leave you look like always. The Grid is basically a huge room with three different floors and some exits. The exits have a floating sign with the name of the destination and it's basement. To get out of the exit, simply walk ... or move onto the basement.

Like mentioned above there are three floors of the grid. The lower one has the exits requiring least CL and connect the the major cities of all faction and the ICC. Additionally the exit to the city and tower site of your organisation and an Emergency Exit which requires less than 5 CL and drops you out to a fixed city of your faction. Higher floors you reach by stepping on one of the leveler located in the corners, the 2nd level requires 100 CL and 200 CL for 3rd.

Here are two bigger pictures to give you an idea how the Grid looks like, click on them to see the full size:
Image Image

As stated above there are several exits, here is a list of them:
Floor Exits (official CL requirement)
1 Borealis (90), Emergency Exit (<5), ICC in Andromeda (n/a), Newland (90), Notum Controller & Organisation City (<5), Old Athen (80), Omni Trade (n/a updated soon) and Tir (80)
2 2 HO (80), 4 Holes (180), West Athen (130), Broken Shores (250), Clondyke (150), Galway Shire (100), Harry's in Lush Fields (120), Lush Hills Resort (120), Meetmedere (90), Omni Ent Entertainment (75) and Rome Red (90)
3 Camelot Castle in Avalon (450), Omni HQ (150) and Sentinels in Mort (460)

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3 - The Fixer Grid

The Fixer Grid is an enhanced version of the Grid. It offers a lot more exits and leads to a lot of areas, including some zones that are not included in the Whompa System or normal Grid. There is a total of 10 floors with 8 exits each, except the 10th which only has 6 exits and two not alocated platforms.

Like the name indicates you need to be a Fixer or have a higher level Fixer friend to gain access. The Fixer needs to have done the Fixer Grid Quest Part 1 to gain access for just himself or herself and Fixer Grid Quest Part 2 to give access to everyone in the team. The Fixer creates a Data Receptacle in the inventory that needs to be applied on a Grid Access Terminal within a short period of time (20 seconds I believe). Alternatively, if you find a Empty Data Receptacle Container, you can give it to a fixer to fill for you, and you will get a Full Data Receptacle Container. When you right click on the full container, a Data Receptacle will appear in your inventory that you can use on a Grid Access Terminal to enter the fixer grid.

Once you entered you'll see a dark room with a high column infront / above you, facing the leveler (left picture):

The right pictures show the leveler between the floors, arrow up is the way up of course, arrow down is the way down accordingly. For a bigger view on the Fixer Grid click on the thumbs below:
Image Image Image

Note: Be careful where you step, you can easily fall off the level and it's not really fun to fall off on the 9th floor having to get all the way back up, not to mention that you may accidentally fall onto a different exit than you wanted to use.

In many cases you'll find several exits with the same name on a floor. It's wise to know exactly which exit you have to head for. The exit leading you closest to your desired location is shown on most 3rd party planetmaps, for example AoRK from our map downloads. Let's break it down with this example: You want to head for Smuggler's Den in Southern Fouls Hills. On the AoRK planetmap you see the light blue 7-L in the east of the Den, that is one of the Fixer Grid exits.

This indicates that you'll find the Southern Fouls Hills exits on the 7th floor of the Fixer Grid and for the particular exit near the Den you have to take the left platform.

Here is a list on which level you'll find a certain zone:
Floor Playfields
1 Borealis, Newland City, Old Athen, Omni-1 Entertainment, Omni-1 HQ, Omni-1 Trade, Tir, West Athen
2 Athen Shire, Holes in the Wall, Newland, Omni Forest, Rome Blue District, Rome Green District, Rome Red District, Tir County
3 Greater Omni Forest, Greater Tir County, Lush Fields, Mutant Domain, Newland Desert, Stret West Bank (2x), Wailing Wastes
4 Aegean, Clondyke (2x), Galway County, Galway Shire, Varmint Woods (2x), Wartorn Valley
5 4 Holes (3x), Andromeda (3x), Pleasant Meadows (2x)
6 Milky Way (2x), Stret East Bank (3x), The Longest Road (3x)
7 Southern Foul Hills (2x), Upper Stret East Bank (3x), Southern Artery Valley (3x)
8 Avalon (2x), Belial Forest (3x), Central Artery Valley (3x)
9 Broken Shores (2x), Deep Artery Valley (3x), Mort (3x)
10 Eastern Foul Plains (3x), Perpetual Wastelands (3x)

On a sidenote: On the 10th floor of the Fixer Grid you'll find an interesting person, Ted "Gridman" Johnson, feel free to have a chat with him.
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4 - Special traveling options

Entering the Grid

Some professions can cast nanos to enter the Grid from anywhere on Rubi-Ka.
First of all there is the Fixer, they are able to enter the Grid fastest of all. On one side they have the comparable long cast Grid nanos allowing them to grid themself or the full team (different nanos!) within 30 to 90 seconds, depending on the quality of the nano. Additionally Fixer have nanos allowing to grid themself or the whole team in 3 to 6 seconds mostly for emergencies, but those reduce the Fixer's health and nano to 1 point. Still the emergency versions are prefered since the drawback is not really that bad seeing the basicly instant cast time.
Like all nanos the casting time is reduced by NanoC Init.

Secondly Doctors or Trader are able to enter the Grid by nanos. These have a longer cast time of 60 to 140 seconds, again reduced by NanoC Init. Due to the faster transportation the Fixer nanos are usually prefered in teams - when a Fixer is part of the team of course.

Engineer Warp

The Engineer profession has a rather unique way to get other persons to remote areas on Rubi-Ka. The downside first: The Engineer has to be at the according location already. The Engineer can warp / summon everyone of the his team one by one or all at once to his location. For this they have two nanos, the single person warp Beacon Warp and the team warp Team Beacon Warp.
Note: Team Beacon Warp didn't work for a long time, but now it does what it's supposed to do again.

Nano-Technician Warp

Nano-Technicians have a Fold Time And Space nano line, for example
Unknown ItemID: 150340
, allowing them and in case of the team version to warp the whole team to a city of the NT's alignment.

Note: In mixed teams clan and omni NT's are prevented from casting this nano.

This are the cities the NT can warp to:
  • Clan: Tir & West Athen
  • Neutral: Borealis & Newland
  • Omni: Omni-1 Entertainment & Rome Red District


Across Rubi-Ka there are few portals, 4 in total I believe.
Two of them lead to the Temple of Three Winds, located near the Whompa in Newland Desert and in Rome Green.

The other two lead into the Inner Sanctum, located near the entrance to the Temple of Three Winds and near the Subway entrance in Borealis.

Personal Grid Converter

These little items are really comfortable when you want to get back home from the remote tower site of your organisation. The Personal Grid Converter or simply PGC can get you into the Grid simply by using it on the control tower of the site.

Note: Again, it has to be the tower site of your organisation and you must not be in a fight.
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