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Missions can be obtained from these terminals on Rubi Ka.

You can take on a mission on your own, or in a team of up to 6 people. To take on a mission, you need to have enough credits to enable you to "pull" a mission. The amount that a mission costs is the equivalent of your level in credits. So, if you are level 35, it will cost you 35 credits.

Missions tend to be random to a certain extent, although after you have done a few, there are likely to be similarities that start popping up.

Mission Terminals

When you want to start a mission, you will need to right click the mission terminal suitable for you. This means that you need to make sure that it is accessible by whatever allignment you are and also that you choose either an individual or a team mission. If you are on your own then you need to locate an individual mission terminal, if you are in a team then you need to locate a team mission terminal. It is important that if you are in a team that you use the team terminal to enable all of the team to gain a reward for completing the mission.

Setting the Sliders

When you go to choose a mission, you will find sliders that you can use to set your options for the mission.

Easy vs. Hard

This very simply effects the level of the mobs you will encounter in the mission. Leaving the slider in the centre will give mobs that are about the same level as you are. Lowering it, will make the mobs easier, pushing it to the top end will make the mobs more difficult. Please be aware that if your mission is too easy the mobs will be too easy for you (their HP bars will be grey) and you are unlikely to gain XP from these mobs. The difficulty of the mission also affects the level of the chests and the rewards in the mission.

Good vs. Bad

Setting this slider will help determine the type of mission you receive. Pushing the bar all the way towards 'Good' gives observation, find item and retrieval missions. Putting the bar to the other end to 'Bad' while tends to give more kill target missions.

Order vs. Chaos

This effects the types of mobs you will find in the mission you are pulling. Setting the slider to the 'Order' end of the bar will cause a higher percentage of human mobs, whereas the 'Chaos' end will give missions with just about any type of mobs. Because there are more monster mobs than mission mobs, when you set this slider to full chaos, you will tend to get more monster mobs and fewer human mobs. If you leave the slider set in the middle of the bar then you are are likely to get missions with both human and monster mobs.

Open vs. Hidden

This slider relates to locked doors and chests. Setting the slider towards open means that most doors and chests should be open, whereas towards the hidden end will result in more locked doors and chests. More locked things may mean more Break and Entry skill is required, so don't waste unnecessary IP, however, this investment may help gain more XP and find good items that were locked away!!

Physical vs. Mystical

Physical missions have more mobs in them that weild weapons, Mystical missions have more mobs in them that can cast things on you.

Head On vs. Stealth

Setting the slider to Head On will mean that the mobs are more likely to agro you on sight and bring their friends to join in the fun! Setting the slider to Stealth on the other hand means that mobs are less likely to instantly agro you and you may be able to conceal yourself and sneak by them.

Money vs. XP

Well, as it suggests, your reward balance is in your hands. If you would prefer more credits than XP, or vise versa - this is the slider you need to adjust.

If you do choose XP as your reward, remember you need to kill the mobs to ensure the mission reward chance. So, if you are blitzing, choose credits!

Mission Types

You are likely to be given a part for whatever needs fixing or maintaining in this mission.
Find the item and return it to the mission terminal where you got the mission.
Search inside the mission for a person or an item and target them.
Find the named person or monster in your mission and target them.
Kill named person inside the mission area.

Picking a mission

Usually when I choose a mission, I have my planet map open at the same time. When I click a mission in the mission panel I then see whereabouts on Rubi ka I will be headed without having to read all of the mission text.

As you can see, the highlighted mission in the mission panel is marked as a M on the map in the zone where the mission would be.

Another option for picking a mission may be the end reward. If that is your reason, then you are likely to be using Clicksaver and or the Master Blitz List.

When you have decided which mission you want to take on, press the accept button.

I have a mission.. now what?!

When you choose your mission, you will get text appear at the bottom of your screen that looks something like this :

You got a new mission.
Waypoint uploaded to map and compass.
Mission is not in this area. You will be informed when entering correct area.

Also, you can press CTRL 4 and open your missions window, it will look something like this:

I have highlighted the mission from the mission terminal. But, as you can see from my mission window, you can have a lot of missions on the go at any one time - make sure you know which one you are doing!!

Most missions end with accomplishing whatever goal was set in the mission description. When you do this you will be rewarded automatically. The only exception is if you were supposed to retrieve an item. These missions need you to remember where you pulled the mission from and then take it back to the mission terminal. When you right-click the item you retrieved on the terminal you will receive your reward.

Missions are supposed to be fun. I seem to have met a fair share of people who really do enjoy doing missions far too much and have a huge quantity of tokens to prove it!! Doing missions can really help your credit balance if you are dedicated enough and sometimes you will find some nice loot on the boss at the end of the team missions.

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