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There are various ways you can gain tokens, and the number of tokens you get varies based on which item you receive them from and your character's level.

Bravery tokens

You can find bravery tokens as loot from sided mobs and as rewards from certain quests.

Bravery tokens always give 1 token.

Mission tokens

You receive mission tokens from Rubi-Ka missions and certain quests.

Level rangeTokens
1 to 141
15 to 492
50 to 743
75 to 994
100 to 1245
125 to 1496
150 to 1747
175 to 1898
190 to 2209

Daily mission rewards

Some missions and quests give you a daily mission reward, which may give tokens too. Not all daily mission rewards give tokens. When they do, they give either 1 or 2 mission tokens.

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