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Please read the Clicksaver Guide before you read this guide. If you're reading this I'm glad you've taken an interest in the fine art of Blitzing.

Know Your Roll

Before you go for an item make sure you're aware of what QL your pulling. Check against other items offered as a reward and remember that nanos only have to be nearby, not necessarily exact QL.

Because It's Too Damn Far

For anyone who doesn't yet have the fixer grid remember distance. While it may be true that the nano off in the metric center of the Perpetual Wastelands is worth 500k, you'll also have to get yourself there. For this reason I suggest keeping a list of easily accessible items, and of course getting the fixer grid

Hazangerine Dream or String Theory

This is a story of why I've got so many dents in my wall. I once decided to get Hazangerine Rat claws for an MA twink. So I put "rat" into the find item list. This would be well and good but Clicksaver matches all exact strings that fit your input, so after rolling bot migration 4000 times I said fsk and tried again. This time i went with claw, but ran into claw eyes, and other assorted annoyances. In time I realized I was going to have to use the long fancy word so I put in hazagerine. No, that's not a typo, and my 1000 searches with NOTHING can attest to that. The lesson? SPELLING COUNTS

The opinions of Slyz do not necessarily reflect those of anyone sane. Slyz is not responsible for anyone shot or converted to Mormonism while interacting with Slyz. Prices and participation may vary, offer valid 2 a.m. through 10 a.m. some assembly required some restrictions may apply see store for details offer subject to change without reason reader not covered in case of gross negligence or cruel and unusual Catholicism. Batteries not included.


SOL Fire Executioner
Vektor ND LIZARD Shotgun
Vektor ND DRAGON Shotgun
FDA Caterwaul 913
BBI Faithful
Illicit Laser Backup
Mausser Particle Streamer
Tango Dirk
MTI B-94
QL51 Pillow with Important Stripes
QL44 Galahad Inc T70 Beyer
QL77 Galahad Inc T70 Zig Zag
QL96 Uncle Bazzit Rusty 22mm
QL 121 Druid pistol
ICC Arms 2Q2C
Nano-Charged Assault Rifle
Nano-Charged Rifle


OT White (starting QL 25)
Omni-Pol Armor Boots -desert -forest
Omni-Pol Armor Pants -desert -forest
Omni-Pol Body Armor -desert -forest
Omni-Pol Armor Sleeves -desert -forest
Omni-Pol Armor Sleeves -desert -forest
Omni-Pol Armor Gloves -desert -forest
Omni-Pol Armor Helmet -desert -forest

OT Elite (starting QL 75)
Omni-Pol Elite Armor Boots
Omni-Pol Elite Armor Pants
Omni-Pol Elite Body Armor
Omni-Pol Elite Armor Sleeves
Omni-Pol Elite Armor Sleeves
Omni-Pol Elite Armor Gloves
Omni-Pol Elite Armor Helmet

Graft Armor (starting QL 50)
*This armor can also be made into CAS
Graft Armor Boots
Graft Armor Pants
Graft Body Armor
Graft Armor Sleeves
Graft Armor Sleeves
Graft Armor Gloves
Graft Armor Helmet

Obtru (All QL's)
Obtru Steel-Ribbed Armor Boots
Obtru Steel-Ribbed Armor Pants
Obtru Steel-Ribbed Body Armor
Obtru Steel-Ribbed Armor Sleeves
Obtru Steel-Ribbed Armor Sleeves
Obtru Steel-Ribbed Armor Gloves
Obtru Steel-Ribbed Armor Helmet

Nano Armor (Starting QL 75)
Nano Armor Boots
Nano Armor Pants
Nano Body Armor
Nano Armor Sleeves
Nano Armor Sleeves
Nano Armor Gloves
Nano Armor Helmet
Nano Armor Cloak

Flowers Tech (Starting QL 50)
Flowers Tech Armor Boots
Flowers Tech Armor Pants
Flowers Tech Body Armor
Flowers Tech Armor Sleeves
Flowers Tech Armor Sleeves
Flowers Tech Armor Gloves
Flowers Tech Armor Helmet

Primus (Starting QL 75)
Primus Decus Armor Boots
Primus Decus Armor Pants
Primus Decus Body Armor
Primus Decus Armor Sleeves
Primus Decus Armor Sleeves
Primus Decus Armor Gloves
Primus Decus Armor Helmet
Primus Decus Armor Cloak

Biomech Armor (Starting QL 75)
Biomech Armor Boots
Biomech Armor Pants
Biomech Body Armor
Biomech Armor Sleeves
Biomech Armor Sleeves
Biomech Armor Gloves
Biomech Armor Helmet
Biomech Armor Cloak

Leather Armor (All QL's)
*Leather is useless is and of itself, but it can be made into apocalypse leather which is useful
Leather Armor Boots
Leather Armor Pants
Leather Body Armor
Leather Armor Sleeves
Leather Armor Slevves
Leather Armor Gloves
Leather Armor Helmet

Med Suit (All QL's)
Omni-Med Suit Boots
Omni-Med Suit Pants
Omni-Med Suit Skirt
Omni-Med Suit Shirt
Omni-Med Suit Female Shirt
Omni-Med Suit Sleeves
Omni-Med Suit Sleeves
Omni-Med Suit Gloves

Tank Armor (Staring at QL 50, new one every 25 QLs)
Very Light Tank Armor
Light Tank Armor
Medium Tank Armor
Heavy Tank Armor
Omni-Tek Very Light Tank Armor
Omni-Tek Light Tank Armor
Omni-Tek Medium Tank Armor
Omni-Tek Heavy Tank Armor


Graft: Enhanced Senses
Graft: Sparrow Flight
Graft: Playful Cub
Targeting Scope - Vision Enhancer
NCU Memory
Hardcore CPU upgrade
Portable Surgery Clinic (Only QL 125+)



Greater Restore Health
A Clear Sense of Scheol
A Clear View of Adonis
A Clear View of Penumbra
Advanced Survival Technique
Beauty of Life
Biting Blades
Boon of the Forester
Calia's Anatomy: Pit Lizard
Calia's Anatomy: Sabretooth
Calia's Anatomy: Wolf
Calia's Figure: Sabretooth
Calia's Form: Parrot
Calia's Form: Parrot (other)
Calia's Form: Parrot (team)
Calia's Form: Pit Lizard
Calia's Form: Pit Lizard (other)
Calia's Form: Pit Lizard (team)
Calia's Form: Sabretooth
Calia's Form: Sabretooth (other)
Calia's Form: Sabretooth (team)
Calia's Form: Wolf
Calia's Form: Wolf (other)
Calia's Form: Wolf (team)
Calia's Morph: Pit Lizard
Calia's Morph: Sabretooth
Calia's Morph: Wolf
Corrosive Barrier
Cyclic Arctic Gale
Cyclic Biting Blades
Cyclic Cloak of Fire
Cyclic Corrosive Barrier
Cyclic Enshroud With Barbs
Cyclic Fiery Vengeance
Cyclic Fiery Wrap
Cyclic Firefly's Fury
Cyclic Frost With Snow
Cyclic Guard of the Grizzly
Cyclic Interlocking Barbs
Cyclic Jacket of Blades
Cyclic Lightning's Child
Cyclic Magma Coating
Cyclic Nest of Vipers
Cyclic Personal Blizzard
Cyclic Porcupine Barrier
Cyclic Protection of the Storm
Cyclic Razor Barrier
Cyclic Retalitory Venom Spit
Cyclic Retribution of the Aesir
Cyclic Revenge of the Valkyrie
Cyclic Skin of the Toad
Cyclic Sparking Touch
Cyclic Wings of the Phoenix
Essence of Life
Fiery Vengeance
Flawless Lick Wounds
Flawless Stitching
Freedom of the Forester
Glorious Healing
Greater Encourage Regrowth
Greater Slobber Wounds
Grove Curator
Grove Custodian
Grove Guardian
Grove Warden
Healing Rays of Sunrise
Implacability of Life
Improved Blissful Calm
Improved Friend of the Wild
Improved Serene Sky
Improved Soothing Breeze
Improved Tranquility of the Vale
Improved Zephyr from the Grove
Interlocking Barbs
Invocation of the Phoenix
Knowledge of The End
Knowledge of the Inferno
Lesser Slobber Wounds
Lightning's Child
Nature's Blessing
One Wiith Nature
Peerless Lick Wounds
Personal Blizzard
Pronouncement of Greatness (other)
Razor Barrier
Relation to Cerberus (other)
Relation to Cerberus (team)
Retalitory Venom Spit
Retribution of the Aesir
Revenge of the Valkyrie
Robust Treatment
Scale Regeneration
Scale Regrowth
Scale Renewal
Scale Repair
Seed Life
Slobber Wounds
Superior Slobber Wounds
Supreme Lick Wounds
Supreme Wilderness Protection
Thorn of the Rose
Wings of the Phoenix


Absolve Guilt
Advanced Face Graft
Anger Shock
Assasin's Grin
Bail Out
Blast of Avoidance
Blast of Circumvention
Blast of Neglect
Blast of Outflanking
Blast of Rejection
Break Out
Burst Out
Death's Knocking
Delayed Assasin
Entrap Victim
Fade From Memory
Greater Death's Knocking
Greater Myserious Causes
Greater Paralyze with Indecision
Harm Shock
Hold Victim
Ignore Past Actions
Jarring Shock
Leisurely Interrogation
Make Off
Mimic Profession: Adv
Mimic Profession: 'Crat
Mimic Profession: Doc
Mimic Profession: Enf
Mimic Profession: Engi
Mimic Profession: Fixer
Mimic Profession: MA
Mimic Profession: MP
Mimic Profession: NT
Mimic Profession: Sol
Mimic Profession: Trader
Numbing Shock
Relive Stress
Renounce Anger
Ruse of Taren: Phase
Sickening Shock
Slip Away
Take the Shot
Unexpected Attack
Unsetteling Shock


10 thumbs
Administrative Error
Advanced Administrator-Droid
Advanced Bodyguard
Advanced Minion
Allure of Servitute
Assasins Focus
Basic Administrator
Basic Bodyguard
Basic Minion
Baton of Command
Bravery Overcomes
Captivating Speech
Certainty of Defeat
Chains of Iron
Character Assasin
Charismatic Rapture
Corporate Guardian
Corporate Leadership: Clemency
Corporate Leadership: Dispensation
Cut Red Tape
Director-Grade Administrator-Droid
Director-Grade Bodyguard
Director-Grade Minion
Director-Grade Secretary-Droid
Disciplinary Action
Disjointed from Reality
Disjointed Psyche
Displace Thought Patterns
Disrupted Psyche
Droid Overhaul
Emergency XP Loss Reducer
Empovered Anger Addlement
Empovered Chaotic Mind
Empovered Contemplation
Empovered Cubicle Dweller
Empovered Disjointed From Reality
Empovered Distracted Gaze
Empovered Divided Ego
Empovered Dominate
Empovered Introspective Engagement
Empovered Sleep
Empovered Wandering Mind
Energized Bolt
Enrapturing Bondage
Erasing Ray
Erratic Laser
Executive-Grade Administrator-Droid
Executive-Grade Bodyguard
Executive-Grade Minion
Factory Recall
Faithful Administrator-Droid
Faithful Bodyguard
Faithful Minion
Fear of Attention
Fumble Fingers
Gallant Slave The Bitter Vassal
Gallant Slave: The Aggravated Serf
Gallant Slave: The Angry Drudge
Gallant Slave: The Enraged Slave
Gallant Slave: The Incensed Subordinate
Gallant Slave: The Indignant Peon
Gallant Slave: The Infuriated Thrall
Gallant Slave: The Irate Chattel
Gallant Slave: The Vengeful Toiler
Glorious Leader
Greater Enforced Sloth
Greater Fear of Attention
Greater Illusory Paralysis
Greater Mass Illusory Paralysis
Greater Musculature Command
Heroic Measures
Horror From the Darkest Pit
Implement Through Iteration
Improved Bot Reproduction
Improvise and Adapt
Inhibit Movement
Insidious Beguilement
Introspective Engagement
Inveigle Support
Lead From the Front
Lesser Fear of Attention
Let's Make a Commitee
Limited Administrator-Droid
Limited Minion
Living Embalming
Malaise of Desire
Malaise of Emotion
Malaise of Fervor
Malaise of Motivation
Malaise of Passion
Monofilament Cat-O
Monofilament Scourger
Mourner's March
Mud Slinger
Muddled Psyche
My Way
Only the Paranoid Will Survive
Opportunity Knocks
Oppressive Weight of the Guilty
Organizational Opportunities
Peer Pressure
Powerful Blizzard of Red Tape
Primal Fear
Puissant Captivating Speech
Puissant Illusionary Paralysis
Puissant Inhibit Motion
Puissant Momentary Daze
Puissant Musulature Command
Puissant Restrict Movement
Puissant Total Musulature Command
Puissant Void Inertia
Retreat to Glory
Rule of One
Shackles of Obedience
Siren Call
Sneaking Terror
Splinter Missile
Supervisor-Grade Administrator-Droid
Supervisor-Grade Bodyguard
Supervisor-Grade Minion
Surge in the System
Swapdisk Mayhem
Team Empovered Allure of Servitude
Team Empovered Bend Will
Team Empovered Captivated Thoughts
Team Empovered Dominate Psyche
Team Empovered Impose Will
Team Empovered Insidious Beguilement
Team Empovered Inveigle Support
Team Empovered Solicit Support
Team Empovered Temporary Glamor
Team Empovered Total Mental Domination
Team Empovered Voice of Truth
Temporary Allegiance
That is not on the Agenda
The Voice of God
The Voice of One
The Voice of Truth
Thorough Overhaul
Tight Embrace
Total Mental Domination
Total Musculature Command
Triumphant Pose
Visions of a Doomed Future
Void Inertia
Wandering Mind
Who Writes the Minutes


Accumulate Scars
Acidic Lessons
Advanced Cellular Rebuild
All-Consuming Toxin
Alpha and Omega
Aussage Pain
Autonomous Viral Agent
Basic Omni-Med Enhancement
Bestow Healing
Biological-Digital Conversion
Blessing of Purity
Bloom of Health
Bodily Invirogation
Body Purification
Cellular Dismantlement
Cellular Rebirth
Cellular Recuperation
Circle of Renewal
Circulate Health
Complete Healing
Complex Nano Contagion
Compress Wounds
Conglomerate Health Plan
Constitution Magnification
Continous Cellular Reconditioning
Continuous Reconstruction
Corrupting Ooze
Cycle of Life
Cycle of Reconstruction
Deathless Blessing
Deep Tissue Repair
Deep Wound Cleanser
Digitizing Sequencer
Distributed Care
Emergency Medical Response
Enhanced Health Surge
Entropic Sores
Epsilon Purge
Festering Plague
Flesh Eater
Gargantuan Health
Greater Bloom of Health
Greater Field Dressings
Greater Periodic Checkup
Greater Policy Payout
Hale and Hearty
Halo of Health
Healer's Hands
Health Assembler
Health Cartel
Improved Continuous Reconstruction
Improved Heary Constitution
Improved Instinctive Control
Improved Nano Repulsor
Incandescent Venom
Induce Musculature Spasms
Infuse With Life
Internal Decomposition
Internal Renewal
Life Balm
Life Channeler
Lifegiving Elixir
Medical Response
Molecular Rejuvenation
Morgue Longings
Mutagenic Catalyser
Mutagenic Contagion
Mutagenic Contamination
Mutagenic Pestilence
Mutagenic Venom
Nano Repulsor
Parasitic Horde
Perpetuating Nano Reaper
Positive Life Reinforcement
Pre-Combat Conditioning
Radiant Heal
Rampant Decay
Rapid Palsy
Recuperative Respite
Remedy Dissemination
Renewal of Being
Repeated Cellular Trauma
Restorative Influx
Scythe B Virus
Scythe Omega Virus
Sentinent Nano Gorger
Superior Health Pump
Superior Life Reinforcement
Superior Metabolsim Booster
Superior Nano Bandage
Superior Omni-Med Enhancement
Team Compress Wounds
Team Purification
Team Tissue Repair
Touch of Kindness
Uncontrollable Body Tremors
Viral Neurotoxin
Wrack and Ruin


Absorb Punishment
Belligerent Stance
Brave Challenger to Behemoth
Brave Challenger to Leviathan
Challenger to Behemoth
Challenger to Leviathan
Cruscrating Screen
Deaden Pain
Dominate Foe
Element of Corrosion
Element of Flame
Element of Ice
Element of Malice
Element of Poison
Element of Radiation
Essence of Behemoth
Essence of Colossus
Essence of Gargantua
Essence of Leviathan
Failing Impregnability
Glacial Cloak
Impart Resentment
Incadescent Rage
Infernal Rage
Lick of Fire
Mighty Challenger to Behemoth
Mighty Challenger to Colossus
Mighty Challenger to Leviathan
Mongo Crush!
Mongo Smash!
Mongo's Gargantua
Mongo's Mega Leviathan
Mongo's Mighty Colossus
Mongo's Ultra Behemoth
Primal Hatred
Prodigous Strength
Rancourus Enmity
Screen of Blades
Shrug Off Blows
Spine of Jelly
Toxic Barrier


A Maker's Touch
Advanced Defensive Screen
Advanced Force Field
Advanced Predator M-
Advanced Warbot
Advanced Warmachine
Aegis Barrier
Assurance Advocacy
Assurance Attention
Assurance Relief
Basic Force Field
Battlefield Devastator Drone
Beacon Warp
Citadel of Spikes
Common Warbot
Common Warmachine
Decomissioned Wardroid
Desolator Assualt Drone
Devastator Drone
Disruptive Barrier Negator
Disruptive Cocoon Harmonics
Disruptive Field Harmonics
Disruptive Field Negator
Disruptive Phase Harmonics
Disruptive Photon Absorber
Disruptive Photon Annihilator
Disruptive Photon Deflector
Disruptive Photon Devourer
Disruptive Retaliatory Negator
Disruptive Retributive Negator
Disruptive Shielding Negator
Disruptive Void Projector
Electrical Engineering Knowledge
Electrical Engineering Mastery
Empovered Lesser Harmonic Cocoon
Empovered Minor Harmonic Cocoon
Empovered Partial Harmonic Cocoon
Empovered Reactive Harmonic Cocoon
Empowered Greater Harmonic Cocoon
Empowered Harmonic Cocoon
Entropy Weapon
Extreme Prejudice
Feeble Warbot
Feeble Warmachine
Field Quantum Physics Knowledge
Field Quantum Physics Mastery
Field Workshop
Fieldsweeper Devastator Drone
Flawed Force Field
Flawed Warbot
Flawed Warmachine
Force Field
Fortress of Spikes
Gift of Assurance
Greater Harmonic Cocoon
Greater Retaliatory Barrier
Harmonic Cocoon
Heavy Assault Force Field
Impel Shadowland Recall
Inferior Gladiatorbot
Inferior Warbot
Inferior Warmachine
Initiate Shadowland Recall
Intricate Repairs
Isochronal Sloughing Assault Shield
Isochronal Sloughing Combat Field
Isochronal Sloughing Defensive Shield
Isochronal Sloughing Protective Barrier
Lesser Force Field
Lesser Warbot
Lesser Warmachine
Marauder M-
Mechanical Engineering Knowledge
Mechanical Engineering Mastery
Military-Grade Marauder M-
Military-Grade Predator M-
Military-Grade Warbot
Military-Grade Warmachine
Null Space Disruptor
Patchwork Warbot
Patchwork Warmachine
Patchy Repairs
Perfected Defensive Screen
Perfected Protective Field
Perfected Shielding Barrier
Perfected Warbot
Perfected Warmachine
Pharmaceuticals Knowledge
Pharmaceuticals Mastery
Plasma Shield
Predator M-
Quick Fix
Rapid Weapon
Reactivated Wardroid
Reactive Harmonic Cocoon
Rebuild Casing
Recondition Parts
Retalatory Barrier
Semi-Sentinent Guardbot
Semi-Sentinent Predator M-
Semi-Sentinent Warbot
Semi-Sentinent Wardroid
Semi-Sentinent Warmachine
Shadowland Anchor
Shadowland Safeguard
Slayerdroid Annihalator
Slayerdroid Guardian
Slayerdroid Protector
Slayerdroid Sentinel
Slayerdroid Transference
Slayerdroid Warden
Sparkling Field Array
Superior Force Field
Sympathetic Armor Boost
Sympathetic Arms Enhancement
Sympathetic Defensive Screen
Sympathetic Energy Cocoon
Sympathetic Entropy Infusion
Sympathetic Force Field
Sympathetic Fortress Screen
Sympathetic Harmonic Cocoon
Sympathetic Harmonic Field
Sympathetic Plasma Shielding
Sympathetic Protective Field
Sympathetic Reactive Cocoon
Sympathetic Reactive Field
Sympathetic Retalatory Barrier
Sympathetic Shielding Barrier
Synchronized Capacitor Overload
Synchronized Energy Spike
Team Beacon Warp
Ultimate Force Field
Upgraded Predator M-
Upgraded Warbot
Upgraded Warmachine
Weapon Smithing Knowledge
Weapon Smithing Mastery
Widowmaker Battle Drone


Advanced Augmentation Cloud
Advanced Policy Skim
Bootleg Beamers 'n Bolters (OP-C)
Bootleg Beamers 'n Bolters (OP-CC)
Bootleg Beamers 'n Bolters (OP-CLX)
Bootleg Beamers 'n Bolters (OP-CLXXX)
Bootleg Beamers 'n Bolters (OP-CXL)
Bootleg Beamers 'n Bolters (OP-CXX)
Bootleg Beamers 'n Bolters (OP-LX)
Bootleg Beamers 'n Bolters (OP-LXXX)
Bootleg Beamers 'n Bolters (OP-XL)
Bootleg Beamers 'n Bolters (OP-XX)
Bootleg Blades 'n Blunts (OP-C)
Bootleg Blades 'n Blunts (OP-CC)
Bootleg Blades 'n Blunts (OP-CLX)
Bootleg Blades 'n Blunts (OP-CLXXX)
Bootleg Blades 'n Blunts (OP-CXL)
Bootleg Blades 'n Blunts (OP-CXX)
Bootleg Blades 'n Blunts (OP-LX)
Bootleg Blades 'n Blunts (OP-LXXX)
Bootleg Blades 'n Blunts (OP-XL)
Bootleg Blades 'n Blunts (OP-XX)
Contact Poison
Emergency Vector Tap
Flawless Medical Claim
Gravity Bindings
Greater Delay Retreat
Greater Nano Boost
Greater Prolong Encounter
Grid Excursion
Grid Phase Accelerator
Gridspace Freedom
Improved Advanced Augmentation Cloud
Improved Augmentation Cloud
Improved Contact Poison
Improved Greater Nano Boost
Improved Hasty Augmentation Cloud
Improved Lesser Nano Boost
Improved Lifebane Modification
Improved Nano Boost
Improved Neural Interfaced Augmentation Cloud
Improved Poison Modification
Improved Semi-Sentinent Augmentation Cloud
Improved Targeted Augmentation Cloud
Improved Venom Modification
Intense Micro Entanglement
Intense Nano Net
Intense Personal Entanglement
Karma Harvest
Mass Gravity Bindings
Meld With Grid Stream
Neural Interfaced Augmentation Cloud
Omni-Med Incursion
Prolong Encounter
Recompiling Memory Analyzer
Re-Matrix Grid Vector
Restock Ammo (Level OP-C)
Restock Ammo (Level OP-CC)
Restock Ammo (Level OP-I)
Restock Ammo (Level OP-II)
Restock Ammo (Level OP-X)
Restock Ammo (Level OP-XX)
Ruinous Grid Jump
Semi-Sentinent Augmentation Cloud
Smuggler Shipment (OP-C)
Smuggler Shipment (OP-CC)
Smuggler Shipment (OP-CLX)
Smuggler Shipment (OP-CLXXX)
Smuggler Shipment (OP-CXL)
Smuggler Shipment (OP-CXX)
Smuggler Shipment (OP-LX)
Smuggler Shipment (OP-LXXX)
Smuggler Shipment (OP-XL)
Smuggler Shipment (OP-XX)
Spin Nanoweb
Targeted Augmentation Cloud

Martial Artist

Aegis of Metal
Aegis of Notum
Aegis of Stone
Autumn Leaves
Chirp of the Mournful Cricket
Diamond Skin
Dragon Stance
Elude Step
Enlightened Aura of Healing
Etermal Emnity
Fake Out
Fists of Stellar Harmony
Fists of the Lightning Crane
Fists of the Sorrowful Toad
Form of Tessai
Four Fists of Kali
Grace of the Emperor Crane
Greater Restore Essence
Greater Shen Protection
Greater Team Restore Essence
Greater Titanium Skin
Inner Peace, Outward Rage
Last Minute Adjustments
Mark of Danger
Mark of Peril
Mark of Risk
Misleading Conduct
Monomolecular Skin
Partial Diamond Skin
Peaceful Midnight Sky
Petals on Water
Reduce Inertia
Return Attack
Ripples on the Calm Pond
Rumble of Distant Thunder
Seething Resentment
Shuffle Step
Smell of Approaching Rain
Stutter Step
Summer Rain
Supreme Shen Protection
Transcendent Shen Protection
Universal Vulnerability Compendium
Waiting Panda
Ward Blow


Calling of Altumus
Calling of Belemorte
Calling of Curatem the Grand
Calling of Mortificant the Eternal
Calling of the Vivificator
Chant of Effortless Strikes
Creation: Asp of Semol
Creation: Azure Cobra of Orma
Creation: Belthior's Flame Ward
Creation: Bitis Striker
Creation: Coplan's Hand Taipan
Creation: Death Ward
Creation: Gold Acantophis
Creation: Living Shield of Evernan
Creation: Mocham's Guard
Creation: Notum Defender
Creation: Shield of Asmodian
Creation: Solar Guard
Creation: The Crotalus
Creation: Viper Staff
Creation: Vital Buckler
Creation: Wave Breaker
Creation: Wixel's Notum Python
Curse of Chronos
Dedication of Thought
Deranged Mindreaver
Distracting Sphere
Dominate: Biomet
Dominate: MatCrea
Dominate: MatMet
Dominate: Psymod
Dominate: SenseImp
Dominate: SpaceTime
Enmity Personification
Frenzy Embodiment
Glacial Lance
Greater Deranged Mindreaver
Greater Distracting Sphere
Greater Enmity Personification
Greater Frenzy Embodiment
High Chant of Effortless Strikes
High Chant of Frenzied Blows
Inferior Enmity Personification
Inferior Frenzy Embodiment
Infuse With Knowledge: BioMet
Infuse With Knowledge: MatCrea
Infuse With Knowledge: MatMet
Infuse With Knowledge: PsyMod
Infuse With Knowledge: SenseImp
Infuse With Knowledge: TimeSpace
Instill With Enduring Wrath
Instill With Malign Intent
Instill With Righteous Frenzy
Lesser Deranged Mindreaver
Lesser Distracting Sphere
Lesser Enmity Personification
Lull Wrath
Mind Banshee
Mind Quake
Mocham's Gift: Biomet
Mocham's Gift: Matcrea
Mocham's Gift: MatMet
Mocham's Gift: PsyMod
Mocham's Gift: SenseImp
Mocham's Gift: SpaceTime
Mocham's Neural Interface-Web
Nano Shutdown
Neuron-Notum Interface
Notum Rejection
Odin's Missing Eye
One Mind, One Purpose
Summon Cacodemon
Summon Demon
Summon Fiend
Summon Lemur
Summoning of Absuum
Summoning of Balbuto the Gibberer
Summoning of Confane
Summoning of Demenus
Summoning of Distral
Summoning of Duoco
Summoning of Ignatus Mind-Clouder
Summoning of Tumulten
Superior Enmity Personification
Superior Frenzy Embodiment
Supreme Deranged Mindreaver
Supreme Distracting Sphere
Supreme Enmity Personification
Supreme Frenzy Embodiment
Temper Wrath
Transcendent Enmity Personification
Transcendent Frenzy Embodiment
Wrath Abatement
Wrath Ebb


Acidic Droplets
Advanced Collapsing Barrier
Annihalating Hadron String
Ariu's Neutron Annihilator
Astinus's Stellar Pulse
Atomic Collapse
Biomolecular Corrosion
Blaze of Hephaestos
Blood of Hephaestos
Boil Blood
Boil from Within
Boundless Humidity Extractor
Brutal Cornea Attack
Burden of Atlas
Burning Bones
Burning Quartet
Caring Needle
Cascade of the Storm
Chaos Lights
Chilled Touch
Chilling Presence
Coherent Positron Stream
Collapsing Barrier
Collapsing Hadron String
Combustive Envelopment
Compacted Neutron Missile
Conator's Collapsing Hadron String
Conduction Stream
Contained Plasma Sphere
Coronet of Frost
Crown of Frost
CrunchCom Nano Compressor Pro
Discourage Involvement
Electrifying Containment
Encircle With Blades
Enfraam's Augmented Fortification
Enfraam's Blistering Blast
Enfraam's Cortex Accelerator
Enfraam's Fortification
Enfraam's Glacial Encasement
Enfraam's Glorious Fortification
Enfraam's Greater Fortification
Enfraam's Lesser Fortification
Enfraam's Major Fortification
Enfraam's Minor Fortification
Enfraam's Perfected Fortification
Enfraam's Superior Fortification
Enfraam's Supreme Fortification
Enfraam's Trivial Fortification
Enfraam's Ultimate Destroyer
Engulf in Flame
Entropy Advance
Eviscerate Eyes
Eye of Light
Feet of Lead
Ferocius Impactor Missile
Fiery Blast
Fleeting Immunity
Foul Eyeblighter
Frigid Landscape
Full-Body Acid Coating
Glacial Finality
Gravitational Anomaly
Gravity Pull
Greater Crystalizing Ray
Greater RNA Reaper
Greater Searing Stream
Greater Shower with Sludge
Greater Viral Assault
Impactor Missile
Impaling Tracer
Implacability of the Second Law
Internal Combustion
Istope Waves
Izgimmer's Cataclysm
Izgimmer's Celestial Fury
Izgimmer's Celestial Implosion
Izgimmer's Contagion
Izgimmer's Corrosive Tear
Izgimmer's Defilement of Being
Izgimmer's Enveloping Flame
Izgimmer's Frosty Welcome
Izgimmer's Gelid Caress
Izgimmer's Hippocamal Augmentor
Izgimmer's Inferno
Izgimmer's Infinite Slicer
Izgimmer's Interstellar Chill
Izgimmer's Little Nuke
Izgimmer's Malignant Declaration
Izgimmer's Obfuscated Recompiler
Izgimmer's Positronic Annihalation
Izgimmer's Quasar Flicker
Izgimmer's Ultimatum
Jobe Nano Libraries
Legions of the Eyeblighter
Lick of the Pest
Linear Acceleration
Liquefying Sphere
Localized Dimensional Inversion
Major Chemical Burn
Malign Devourer
Mass Pronounce Blindness
Mephitic Ichor
Meta-Dioxin Spray
Molecular Deconstruction
Molecular Flechettes
Momentum Impaler
Nano Cloud Supplement
Nanoblade Cloud
Neural Stunner
Warp Time and Space Newland
Fold Time and Space Newland
Team Warp Time and Space Newland
Team Fold Time and Space Newland
Notum Overload
Warp Time and Space Omni-
Fold Time and Space Omni-
Team Warp Time and Space Omni-
Team Fold Time and Space Omni-
Particle Accelerator
Particle Flare
Peaceful Intentions
Personal Notum Harvester
Pestilental Stream
Photon Deflector
Positronic Fluctation
Quark Collapse
Rend Constraints
Rend Flesh
Warp Time and Space Rome
Fold Time and Space Rome
Team Warp Time and Space Rome
Team Fold Time and Space Rome
Searing Circle
Searing Dioxin Shower
Searing Stream
Shrapnel Burst
Shroud of the Grave
Slithering Flames
Solar Wind
Spark Shower
Stinging Missile Swarm
Sudden Affliction
Superior Malign Devourer
The Spider's Secret
Warp Time and Space Tir
Fold Time and Space Tir
Team Warp Time and Space Tir
Team Fold Time and Space Tir
Touch of the Pyre
Toxic Sphere
Toxic Spill
Visions of the Void
Vital Corruptor
Volcanic Eruption
Warmth of the Grave
Warp Time and Space West Athen
Fold Time and Space West Athen
Team Warp Time and Space West Athen
Team Fold Time and Space West Athen
Ziana's Energy Wave


A Sergeant's Knowledge
Absorption Shield
Adaptive Resonance Field
Advanced Absorption Shield
Aggressive Insult
Annoying Insult
Artillery Fire
Battery Fire
Battlefield Endurance
Boost Fight (Team)
Bypass Me
Canonry Fire
Casual Insult
Circumvent Me
Clear Victim
Deepen Fight (Team)
Desist Me
Disruptive Insult
Distinct Victim
Elude Me
Empovered Deflection Shield
Empovered Greater Deflection Shield
Empovered Greater Reflective Field
Empovered Lesser Deflection Shield
Empovered Lesser Reflective Field
Empovered Major Deflection Shield
Empovered Major Reflective Field
Empovered Minor Deflection Shield
Empovered Minor Reflective Field
Empovered Partial Deflection Shield
Empovered Partial Reflective Field
Empovered Reactive Deflection Shield
Empovered Reactive Reflection Field
Empovered Reflective Field
Greater Reflective Field
Greater Reflective Field (Ext)
Harmonizing Resonance Field
Heavy Assault Absorption Shield
Heavy Assault Combat Barrier
Heighten Fight (Team)
Helepolis of the Besieger
Id Assault
Intensify Fight (Team)
Intrusive Insult
Keep Clear of Me
Laser Surgery
Lesser Insult
Lesser Reflective Field
Lesser Reflective Field (Ext)
Major Reflective Field
Major Reflective Field (Ext)
Metal Stream
Minor Insult
Obvious Victim
Offensive Insult
Offensive Steamroller
Only You, Only Me
Perfected Absorption Shield
Perfected Combat Barrier
Power Volley
Reactive Reflective Field
Reactive Reflective Field (Ext)
Reactive Resonance Field
Reflective Field
Reflective Field (Ext)
Reinforce Fight (Team)
Riot Control
Shake Off Me
Survivor's Resilience
Total Focus
Total Mirror Shield MK IX
Total Mirror Shield MK VII
Total Mirror Shield MK VIII
Total Mirror Shield MK X
Undeniable Victim
Unmistakable Victim


Abolish Aluminium
Abolish Bismuth
Abolish Gallium
Abolish Polonium
Abolish Thallium
Abolish Tin
Advanced Delayed Health Payment
Advanced Health Plunder
Armpr Trade-In
Attentuate Defense
Average Health Plunder
Blackmail Notum
Blunt Defense
Cheat Notum
Cleanse Outfit (Team)
Control Ends and Means
Cripple Defense
Debilitate Defense
Despoil Notum
Digital Existence
Disable Defense
Divest Skills
Divest Skills (Advanced)
Divest Skills (Average)
Divest Skills (Lesser)
Divest Skills (Major)
Draw AC
Draw AC (Advanced)
Draw AC (Greater)
Draw AC (Invasive)
Draw AC (Major)
Emasculate Defense
Enfeeble Defense
Enliven Outfit (Team)
Entrepreneurial Thrall
Eviscerate Defense
Exceptional Delayed Health Payment
Exhaust Defense
Fine Tuning
Flow of Time
Forced Bankruptcy
Glib Health Haggler
Greater Delayed Health Payment
Greater Detain Customer
Greater Embrace of Greed
Greater Health Plunder
Grid Gateway
Guard Convoy
Health Plunder
Imaginary Distractions
Impoverish Accounts
Invigorate Outfit (Team)
Irresistible Health Haggler
Lend Nano:
Lesser Health Plunder
Major Armor Distributor
Major Health Plunder
Mar Defense
Minor Health Plunder
My Brain for Your Brain
Patchy Health Plunder
Pawnbroker's Armor
Pay the Pauper
Plagiarize Notum
Plunder Skills
Plunder Skills (Average)
Plunder Skills (Lesser)
Plunder Skills (Major)
Plunder Skills (Minor)
Plunder Skils (Advanced)
Preeminent Health Haggler
Premium Delayed Health Payment
Profit Preoccupation
Purify Outfit (Team)
Quantum Uncertainty
Redeem AC
Redeem AC (Advanced)
Redeem AC (Greater)
Redeem AC (Lesser)
Redeem AC (Major)
Redirect Neural Signals
Refresh Outfit (Team)
Relentless Slayer
Restore Outfit (Team)
Rouse Outfit (Team)
Simple Mind, Simple Pleasures
Siphon AC
Siphon AC (Advanced)
Siphon AC (Greater)
Siphon AC (Invasive)
Siphon AC (Major)
Skill Wranger (Exceptional)
Skill Wrangler (Greater)
Skill Wrangler (Premium)
Skill Wrangler (Sophisticated)
Skill Wrangler (Superb)
Skill Wrangler (Superior)
Snitch Notum
Sophisticated Delayed Health Payment
Sophisticated Health Freeloader
Sophisticated Health Plunder
Strip Notum
Superior Delayed Health Payment
Swindle Notum
Team Skill Wrangler (Advanced)
Team Skill Wrangler (Exceptional)
Team Skill Wrangler (Greater)
Team Skill Wrangler (Premium)
Team Skill Wrangler (Sophisticated)
Team Skill Wrangler (Superior)
Thought Controller
Thought Juggler
Trading Mogul
Traffic AC
Traffic AC (Advanced)
Traffic AC (Greater)
Traffic AC (Lesser)
Traffic AC (Major)
Umbral Wrangler
Umbral Wrangler (Commonplace)
Umbral Wrangler (Exceptional)
Umbral Wrangler (Greater)
Umbral Wrangler (Lesser)
Umbral Wrangler (Major)
Umbral Wrangler (Minor)
Umbral Wrangler (Patchy)
Umbral Wrangler (Premium)
Umbral Wrangler (Superior)
Umtral Wrangler (Advanced)
Undermine Defense
Weak Delayed Health Payment
Weak Health Plunder
Weaken Defense

Shop Foods

Omni-Pol Elite Battle Suit
Omni-Pol Battle Suit
Scorpiod Battle Suit
Plasteel Battle Suit
Urban Battle Suit
Anima of
Teachings of
Mocham's Gift
Creation: Summoning
Bootleg Beamers 'n Bolters
Bootleg Blades 'n Blunts
Smuggler Shipment

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