Cyborg Infiltration

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Level: 25-50
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This daily mission is given by the Agency Handler from the office in Rome Blue as well as the office in Athen. The Agency needs you to infiltrate a cyborg command center, with your primary objective being intrusion. You will achieve this by pretending to be one of the cyborgs. A specialized program linked to your NCU and HUD will automatically report back to the Agency headquarters as you infiltrate their headquarters.

To get started, the Agency should have given you an Equipment Pack. If you click this in your inventory, you should gain:

Getting to the Cyborg Command Center

The command center is located in Greater Tir County at the Cyborg Barracks.

Location of the Command Center

Be careful when you arrive near the barracks. There are level 60+ cyborgs roaming in that area. If you keep your distance and just run past them, you should have no problem. Enter the barracks from the south and don't run into the green valley that runs east-west (for example, do not try to approach the barracks from the Temple of the Three Winds).

Before entering the Barracks

Now is a good time to equip the cyborg costume the Agency issued you. Right-click on the vacuum packed costume to obtain a fresh cyborg costume. Equip it in your back-slot. The costume will enable you to enter the building without the cyborgs attacking you. Unfortunately the costume only prevents the cyborgs just outside the barracks and inside the barracks from attacking you on sight. Be aware that sometimes a cyborg from further west may wander near the entrance of the barracks. It does not give you an immunity from attacks from cyborgs further away (hence the previous advice about not running around the green valley west of the barracks). Take your time to explore this nice dungeon and go down, down, down until you find Prototype Inferno.

When you have found Prototype Inferno, target it and right-click on your Information Tool - Combined in your inventory. This will finish the mission.

Run back up and be careful when you leave the dungeon.

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