Sector 35 Alien Playfield

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Level: 180-220
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Getting Started

If you have never been to the APF area, please consult our Alien Playfields Guide on how to get there. Once you are there, talk to the Unicorn Security Administrator at the top (near the stairs) and get the mission for Area 35. You need to be in a team to do this, since the NPC won't give access to this quest to anyone without one. Head down the lower level and enter the portal to Sector 35 there.

Get your mission from him

It is highly recommended you have two tank teams. Each should assist their respective callers.

The objective is to assist the Unicorn Field Engineer.

Tactics and Alien Bosses

In this sector, you clear the whole area of the aliens - just run through and kill them all to get maximum AXP. Ignore the Ship and the Unicorn Field Engineer in the center of the sector for now. Be aware that at the beggining there are a mine field which can be detected by most players if they do a search. That is the good news, the bad news is that if you step on one of them you will move slower than a turtle. If you switch to walk mode you will move faster than running mode in this state.

Once the sector is cleared, everyone should gather under the ship. Only the mission-holder should speak with the Unicorn Field Enginner, at which time 3 towers will spawn around the ship. Do not attack or heal these towers as the result is insta-death, and keep your distance from them. Do not target or attack them in any way, or mongo/do anything with an AOE nearby. No AOE pet effects, no AOE attacks or heals, etc.

Unicorn Field Engineer

If the towers are destroyed then the Generals won't show up. Waves of aliens will come in at staggered times from every direction, successfully kill them and keep the towers from being destroyed. Best to circle around the towers for better defense. Be aware that if the towers are destroyed, a huge number of aliens will spawn, chances of surviving this rush is very low, so if you know the quest is lost, better to get out while you still can (nobody has ever been able to kill off all the alliens of this attack).

After the waves are eliminated and the towers are saved, the generals will appear.

Field Marshal Cha'Khaz and Field Support Cha'Khaz will show up. Both of these generals come at the same time (recommended 2 tanks, one per General). Let tanks build aggro then attack the Field Support Cha'Khaz first. Do this because while the Support General is alive, the Field Marshal will have a huge reflect shield and you will be hitting him for about 40-80 dmg. Once support is gone, kill the field marshal. These bosses spawn NO ADDS so don't worry about those. These bosses also do not wipe aggro.

Once bosses die and loot is rolled, you can use an exit at the start of the area.

1. Have a raid leader.
2. Do not run too far from your team defending the towers, or you may become a target of an entire alien wave.

Note: A 'caller' is the person who will be the first to attack an alien. For example let's assume Windguaerd is the caller, this means everyone else in his team or the raid will use a macro like this: /macro Assist /assist Windguaerd which will create a shortcut that you can temporarily add to your shortcut bar. This allows everyone to attack one alien at a time and have a fast kill ratio, instead of people attacking several aliens that will take longer to kill.

Boss Loot

Please see this guide to see the processes for the above tradeskill items.

Bounty can be returned to the Omni-Tek Observer or Clan Liaison for 10 tokens or 4 million credits. The tokenboard quest item can be turned to the Omni-Tek Observer or Clan Liaison for Omni-Tek Award - Exemplar or Clan Merits - Paragon.

The data core can be returned to Unicorn Administrator for an Encrypted Kyr'Ozch Key. You need one Data Core from Sectors 13, 28, and 35 to make the key needed to access Sector 42.

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Information originally provided by Roedran to the AI Library Forums. Additional information provided by Windguaerd. Loot table provided by Turk021 at
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