Chat with Dr. Aleksander Koumas

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Chat with Dr. Aleksander Koumas

Post by Windguaerd » Sun Sep 05, 2010 4:38 pm

Dr. Aleksander Koumas: Good grief, you made it back!
Titan: I think I cleared the entrance.
Dr. Aleksander Koumas: You did? Marvelous! I must say I'm surprised. You worked fast. Like I said earlier, I can't offer you any payment, but we have found quite a few of these embryos and we have no need for any more of them. Here, I hope it will benefit you.
Titan: So what are you doing here anyway?
Dr. Aleksander Koumas: Oh, it's very exciting! We have reason to believe that these entrances you see around here were, in fact, hidden doors to and from hidden underground facilities that connected the largest buildings in the city itself. The buildings in mention would arguably be the soulpattern library, the Source center and the flow control mainframe.
We suspect some of the buildings also housed the political groups. That would not fall outside the idea that there could be a need for evacuation tunnels, at least.
Titan: Wait, what? Political groups?
Dr. Aleksander Koumas: Oh yes. The Xan society developed into two paths during their time here in Adonis. One group clearly conservative, and one group clearly liberal.
The liberal group argued that the use of the Source was destined for the Xan, that it was part of the Creator's plan for them. They claimed that the changes to the world and the people were not related to the discovery and use of the Source at all, that it was elementary evolution that had no greater symbolism. Instead, they should increase the use of the energy, to evolve even further in hope to reach the answers to the questions that permeated throughout Xan history.
Titan: And the conservative group?
He smiles as he explains to you. It is obvious that he likes talking about this.
Dr. Aleksander Koumas: Now, the opposition claimed that on the contrary, the use of the Source was not only destroying the way of life the Xan had known through eons, but also the world. They pointed to all the little cracks in their conception of the world, and how there was absolutely no logical or scientific reason to why these things should happen, apart from their interference with the world and the Creator's work.
They predicted a grim future if the use of the Source was not stopped. They wanted to preserve it and only live in its light, not over use it as a resource, fearing the consequences.
Titan: That sounds familiar.
He nods vigorously.
Dr. Aleksander Koumas: It does, doesn't it?
Anyway, the groups that formed the conservative and liberal wings were soon joined by smaller, less vocal groups. This all eventually led to the political system that the Xan used.
In and of itself, this was not a bad thing. Modern societies eventually develop some sort of political and judicial systems and so also in the Xan society. In earlier times, the Elders had held the only remotely political position, even if they were not a group of Xan who were elected. In Adonis, however, this changed, and a healthy form of democracy evolved.
Titan: Democracy is good.
Dr. Aleksander Koumas: Yes, absolutely. The Xan would send representatives from each of the tiers to the central hub of the city, where they would devote themselves to city planning, religious questions and political venues like the discussion of future technology and the use of the Source.

There was no single leader, like a president or prime minister. It could be compared with the ancient Earth senates. There would be local elections of who to send as their representatives and these people would argue the case of each political agenda item. Very basic, but functional.
Titan: So what went wrong then?
He sighs and looks out throughout the ruins.
Dr. Aleksander Koumas: Any great civilization will eventually pass through an era of great transformation. And that was the case with the Xan as well. Of course, it didn't happen over night. Nothing this big does. Their change started with a class system evolving.
There had never been any class system in the Xan society, but as their arrogance and struggle for power grew, a slight wedge started growing between the different tiers. The Plebeians, those of the Xan that did most of the manual, everyday work or whose role in society was within the arts, would soon be viewed as less important than the Engineers or Clergy.
Following soon after would be the Elders, whose position increasingly lost its significance the more the Xan resisted being governed by a sole group of leaders. Eventually, their role dissipated as the senate took over and people looked to it for guidance and governing instead. The harmonic society where everyone was equal and none held more importance than the other was falling apart.
Titan: So they destroyed themselves from within...
Dr. Aleksander Koumas: Yes, so it would seem. They were a mighty people, with abilities and technology beyond our grasp of understanding. And yet, in all their greatness, they fell as hard as other civilization. Only, in this case, the world paid the price as well.
Titan: What kind of things happened to the world close to the cataclysm?
Dr. Aleksander Koumas: Oh, it is too numerous to mention now, I'm afraid. And I really have to get back to work too, now that you have so generously made way for us again. But perhaps you could talk to a Jobe colleague of mine. His name is Dr. Steffensen. He's a marine biologist and he could probably tell you a bit about what consequences the Xan could see in the world around them. He is usually to be found somewhere close to the Lament Lagoon entry points.
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