A Rubi-Ka Exclusive: Interview with Leader of Opposing Force

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A Rubi-Ka Exclusive: Interview with Leader of Opposing Force

Post by Noticiero » Thu Aug 28, 2008 10:31 pm

This thread is to discuss the Article: "Interview with Leader of Opposing Force Clan"
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Post by Zagadka » Sat Sep 06, 2008 1:08 pm

Noticiero: Your clan had a very good reputation years ago; famous for taking the lead in the effort to clean up the toxic water in Tir.
The cleanup of the Tir River resulted from the dedication of not one organization, but a community involvement. While Opposing Force raised funds, they were not alone in the efforts to cleanse the Tir River of the filth spread by Omni-Tek. As noted on the official monument at the South Gate of Tir, the Great Vikings of Rubi-Ka, now Forsaken, as well as many independent citizens, waged a campaign of awareness for the cause. Most notably, we held the well attended Toxic River Swim, where volunteers swam the river in circuits to show the damage done to their bodies. Enthusiastic thong promoter Cosmik observed the event first hand.

The efforts of GVRK, Opposing Force, and individual Clan citizens got the project done. GVRK did not work with OF, but by happy coincidence our mutual support pushed the issue to the Council of Truth agenda. Together, we showed that citizens, at least in the Clans and neutral territories, have the power to change the world.

Thanks do go to the leaders of these two organizations, among others, but also to the citizens who braved the toxic waters that winter day. We promoted the agenda and raised the funds, and even today I sit on the concrete shores of the River, and smile at the smooth reflection of stars.

For the River Swim itself, the coordinators were myself (Cindi "Razishlyat" Bolieu), Sol "Solarax" Aestus and Jacob "Ainur" Creutzfeld, both of whom I would enjoy the privilege of reporting for Basher later, and members of GVRK who provided referee services and emergency healing - but most of all, the volunteers who donated to Opposing Force and braved the waters.


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Post by Vickie » Mon Sep 08, 2008 9:08 am

Bump for Zagadka. History of Rubi-ka should not be told in fragments, but as a whole. Nice interview, but still it leaves the impression that the clan "Opposing Force" was the reason/main force that Tir River was cleaned up.

Old "Great Vikings of Rubi-ka/Forsaken" deserves as much honor as "Opposing Force" and the rest of the clan community that pushed CoT to take action with collected funds.

Vickie "Ladypz" Creehan
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