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Photon Embedded Cloak

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As part of Anarchy Online's last Birthday an invisible cloak that provides you with light named the Photon Embedded Cloak was released and given to you by an NPC. But fear not if you missed out, it is possible to create one via tradeskills!

Items needed:

Part of the quests on the ICC Shuttleport as well as in Nascence.

A reward from the first part of the Spirit Quests

Can be bought from neutral shopping terminals or from Miiir Fashion

So you have your components and want to get your cloak, so let's get to tradeskilling!


Neither the Light Bar nor A Never-ending Being of Light are used up in the Tradeskill process. No skills seem to be required.

I would recommend putting it in the "Neck" slot of the Social tab and turn the Social Tab on in the F10-Visual-Misc menu.

As you can see it helps a lot in the darker areas on Rubi-Ka:


Last updated on 07.30.2009 by Fourthaid
Written by Quilluck
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