Spirit Infused Yutto's Modified NCU

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These nifty new circuits will be a great upgrade for your yuttos NCU. Not only does the upgrade increase the amount of NCU and treatment buffed, they also reduce the chance that you receive critical hits. Additionally, infusing these memories removes the Shadowlands expansion requirement.

Getting the Parts

To start with, you need a regular, uninfused, Yuttos Modified NCU:

You can find these for sale in QLs 200-220 at the Yuttos vendors in Penumbra, north of the Pipe. The QL of the final, infused, Yuttos NCU is the same or higher as the NCU you start with, so I would suggest to buy the lowest QL available, since they are cheapest.

To get QL 160 to 199 NCUs, you can visit any neutral general store, such as Fair Trade in Borealis. These technically also sell QL 200+ ones, but 10 times more expensive than the Yuttos in Penumbra. Note that you also receive a single free QL 160 Yuttos Modified NCU chip from the Xan Civilization Quest in Adonis.

The second part you need, the Dormant Ancient Circuit, may be found in Albtraum. The Ancient Circuit can be activated with an Ancient Engineering Device, which also comes from Albtraum. Consult our guide on how to make it.

The Tradeskill Process

  +    =  
Requires 1500 Mechanical Engineering.

  +    =  
Requires 6x the desired QL in Mechanical Engineering.

To make a QL 220 NCU into a QL 300 you will need 1800ME. Note that the Infused Yuttos NCU cannot become lower QL than the Yuttos Modified NCU you start with, but may become higher. Use the tradeskill window's slider to set your desired QL.

Treatment Breakpoints

The amount of treatment buffed by these NCU depends on the QL. Many players prefer building Yuttos NCUs of a QL with the lowest Computer Literacy requirement for the buffed amount of treatment, for example to use while equipping implants.

The table below lists the optimal QLs of Yuttos NCU in terms of minimal skill requirement for maximum treatment.

QLComputer Literacy RequirementTreatment

Last updated on 01.02.2020 by Saavick
Info provided by Trgeorge and Tepamina. Additional information provided by Windkeeper.
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