Bracelet of Arul Saba

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Level: 60-220
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While these bracelets are one of nicest 'easily' available and relatively cheap wrist items, it's also one that can make your local tradeskiller log off in frustration. The reason for that is that this process has some of highest skill requirements out there as well as the amount of work involved. The highest QL bracelets require 34 components (some of which can be bought, but the majority still needs to be farmed from mobs). Fortunately rarely anyone decide to make these, possibly due to the level requirement needed to equip them, and the lesser QL ones need less stuff.

But let's decide which bracelet we want to build first. Depending on the desired final QL, requirements to build, QL of components, the buffs it gives as well as the requirements to wear - there are a lot of variables! Since the wear requirements are usually the important factor for the end user, we suggest to tackle your bracelet making from that perspective.

Next step is deciding on what kind of gems one will use. There are several types:

Bruised BrawlerMelee damage
Burning PlasmaEnergy damage
Corroded GloryChemical damage
Eternal JuggernautMax health
Frozen TundraCold damage
Infinite MoebiusNano Resist and Max Nano
Jagged LandscapeProjectile damage
Rainbow-hued SkyRadiation damage
Searing DesertFire damage
Silent KillerPoison damage

Gems drop from static dungeon bosses. They usually drop 2 or 3 gems, the type that drops is random. So be prepared to camp a dungeon for a while to get the ones you're after. On the other hand, the QL of the gems (and their first name) always drop in same zones:

Arbiter Gem of XXX
Nascense/Elysium (level 60+ bracers) or Scheol (level 100+ bracers)
Monarch Gem of XXX
Emperor Gem of XXX
Stellar Jewel of XXX
Galactic Jewel of XXX
Alappaa, see here

So for example, for a 3 gem bracer you'll have to camp Scheol, Adonis and Penumbra.

Now let's see what else is needed for 1 of Arul Saba Bracelets:

Low ql 1 gem

1 gem

2 gems

3 gems

4 gems

5 gems*

Level requirement








+20 health
+11 damage

+70 health
+21 damage

+100 health
+38 damage

+120 health
+53 damage

+140 health
+82 damage

+190 health
+115 damage

Gem drop locations







1x ql 80

1x ql 80

1x ql 110

1x ql 150

1x ql 180

1x ql 200

1x ql10

1x ql10

1x ql10

1x ql10

1x ql10

1x ql10

2x ql 56+

2x ql 56+

3x ql 77+

4x ql 105+

5x ql 126+

6x ql 140+

1x ql 42+

1x ql 42+

2x ql 58+

3x ql 79+

4x ql 95+

5x ql 105+

2x ql10

2x ql10

3x ql10

4x ql10

5x ql10

6x ql10

2x ql 28+

2x ql 28+

4x ql 39+

6x ql 53+

8x ql 63+

10x ql 70+

Skills needed to add gems

288 ME
306 EE

288 ME
306 EE

528 ME
563 EE

937 ME
1035 EE

1665 ME
1775 EE

2100 ME
2270 EE

Note*: 5 gem bracers also have reflect buffs on them, ofc the same type as they are.
Note**: QL of Silver must be at least 70% ql of Unbalanced Bracelet

Blueprints, the QL of Robot Junk must be at least 75% and the QL of Nano Circuitry Wire must be at least 50% the QL of Silver. Values given are for lowest Silver you can use. But since collected Silver is usually higher than lowest possible, this means the need of higher Robot Junk and Nano Circuitry Wire.

Unbalanced Bracelet Blueprints, Balance Adjuster – (left or right), Nano Circuitry Wire and Personal furnaces can be all bought from Arul Saba. Robot Junk drops from robots, for higher QL of it I suggest either missions or Omni outpost near Ferry in Pleasant Meadows. Small Silver Ingots drop from dyna bosses or can be processed from Jewelry (consult this guide for info).

Once all the parts are gathered, tradeskilling can start. First we'll melt the silver:

  +    =  

Skills required: QLx3 Mechanical Engineering.

Next we'll make wire out of it. Important: save 1 Liquid Silver as it is, you'll need it later.

  +    =  

Skills required: QLx4.5 Mechanical Engineering

Next, we need to add Nano Circuitry Wire to Silver Wire:

  +    =  

Skills required: QLx4 Mechanical Engineering, QLx1.7 Agility.

We'll leave Wire for now and attend to Robot Junk:

  +    =  

Skills required: None

We'll now add Nano Circuitry Wire to it as well:

  +    =  

Skills required: QLx3.5 Mechanical Engineering, QLx4.25 Electrical Engineering.

With that done, it's time to combine Nano sensor and Wire:

  +    =  

Skills required: QLx4.25 Mechanical Engineering, QLx4.8 Electrical Engineering, QLx1.8 Agility.

Now we're almost done. All that needs our attention is the Bracer. For demonstration value, we'll create one for a right wrist:

  +    =  

Skills required: QLx3 Mechanical Engineering, QLx3.2 Electrical Engineering.

Now we add the previously created Bracelet Circuitrys to it (Note: You need to add one Bracelet Circuitry for each gem the finished bracer will have. Just repeat process with all of them.)

  +    =  

Skills required: QLx4 Mechanical Engineering, QLx4.25 Electrical Engineering.

And now for that left-over Liquid Silver:

All that is left to do is to add gems. Depending on which Bracelet you're building, the skills that are needed varies a lot, so check 'max skills' in table where components are listed. Funny thing here is that the first gem takes more skill than the rest.

In this demonstration, all gems are added. Even so, after adding just 1 gem, the Bracelet has modifiers, so if you can afford a more expensive template, and can wear the higher level requirement bracer, you can build it even if you were unable to collect all gems.

Last updated on 02.27.2021 by Saavick
Guide written by Trgeorge.
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