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You can meet this versatile character in IPS (Independent Professionals Society) in Jobe Market platform. I'd say you can't miss him, if it wasn't for his petite size. Unfortunately he's a bit sensitive about it, so unless you wish to learn a bit more about him, I advise against actually talking to him.

Most of his visitors are there because of the stuff he sells, which can be used to make Arul Saba Bracelets.

Note that it may pay off to pay attention to his prices. For example, you can get a Screwdriver, Nano Circuitry Wire and Personal Furnace much cheaper in the Trade Sections of RK general stores. The Unbalanced Bracelet Blueprints on the other hand are generally cheaper than in RK stores, though still expensive. I suggest you bring character with high Computer Literacy to buy them; 5 gem blueprints cost around 15 million credits with 2000 Computer Literacy.

Last updated on 03.03.2020 by Khuri
Information originally provided by Trgeorge.
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