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New Inferno Mission Umbra Spectres

Note: In order to do this part of the Xan Reliquary you must at least start a New Inferno mission. This guide is an addendum to our New Inferno missions guide. Be sure to check out the link at the bottom of this guide for more information!

Umbral Spectres Encounter

The first time I encountered this experience was when Yumehime was kind enough to show me how it worked back in 2019. Not much has changed with the encounter other than the many newly learned and different ways to approach and defeat them. We'll let you figure out most of them!

If you've read through the New Inferno Mission guide or have experienced the instance for yourself, you may have wondered what happens if all three Guardian Spirit died before the mission is complete. Well, boy do we a treat for you!

Guardian Spirit

While the object of the Xan Reliquary is to protect the Guardian Spirits, it is possible that one or more of the Guardian Spirits die. It takes the loss of all the Guardian Spirits in order to have the Xan Reliquary call out its Special Forces.

To spawn the Umbral Spectres all the spirits must die by the mobs attacking them while your team is still inside the Xan Reliquary. This can happen on purpose, or if your team accidentally lets all three spirits die.

*NOTE: Trying to kill the Guardian Spirits on your own, or using pets will most likely result in your or the entire team's death.


After each Spirit dies it will disappear, leaving the platform alter empty, as the mob(s) goes on to attack the remaining Guardian Spirits.

Empty Alter

Once all three Guardian Spirits are killed, and their platforms empty, there is just a short time before the Umbrals begin to appear. These few minutes are the best time to pull any remaining regular mobs to be killed. Hopefully, by this point, you will still have a full team or enough to be able to do so.

All Three Empty Platform Alters

Once the remaining regular mobs are eliminated, you can concentrate on the Umbrals. The Umbral Spectres will appear from the back Temple entrance.

*NOTE: If you decide not to eliminate the regular mobs prior to the arrival of the Umbrals, they will join the Umbrals in their hunting party.

Umbral Spectres Entrance

The Umbral Spectres will run a pattern from one empty Alter to another looking for Spirits until they encounter a player.

Umbral Spectres and Mobs

The best way to handle them is to find a safe spot far enough away that will allow you to pull them. One safe spot is the Volcano just NW of the Entrance, surrounded by rock Hecklers.


They are social, so if you attack one too near to another, you will find you may have bitten off more than is chewable. Trying to take them on all at once or interrupting their patterned run will surely see you dead. As long as you are far enough away from them, and the platforms it is usually safe to pull the Umbrals one or two at a time.

Roughly seven to nine very fast level 255 Umbral Spectres are what you're dealing with. They each can hit anywhere from 2k-8k and they hit fast and hard.


Umbral Phantasm

Once you have eliminated five or six of the Spectres, the boss, Umbral Phantasm will spawn and join the Spectres in their pattern.

The final encounter with the Xan Reliquary is boss mob Umbral Phantasm.

Umbral Phantasm

You may pull her in the same fashion you pulled the Spectres and send her to reclaim.

While the Phantasm is also 255, this mob does not hit as hard as her minions, but she does have a series of debuffs to watch for.

They include roughly:

-20 to -30 crit decreases
-300 add all offense
-300 add all defense
-300 to -350 weapon skills

Once dead the loot on the Phantasm includes items such as:

- Symbiants: Often Ql 300s
- Random Inferno Key Quest Patterns (Faction based on the original New Inferno mission that was pulled).
- Umbral Hand Wraps of Restoration

Umbral Phantasm Loot

When the Phantasm is defeated, you may either kill any remaining mobs, or leave.

To exit the Reliquary you may use the exit listed below, where you entered, or simply break team to be teleported directly outside.

You may find the guide for the New Inf mission, which is the start of this encounter here: Xan Reliquary - New Inferno Missions.

Last updated on 09.03.2023 by Cariadast
Written by Cariadast
Special thank you to Yumehime for her guidance in this part of the instance.
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