The Anansi

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Level: 190-220
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Note: Colored numbers behind NPCs named are spots marked on Inferno Quest: Map.

Start this line with talking to
One Who Learns the Past
Inferno Burning Marshes - 900x180
(1) in the Valley of the Dead.

Exterminate the Zealots

You need to kill 5 Anansi Zealots, 5 Anansi Diviners and 1
Anansi Dreamkeeper
Inferno Burning Marshes - 955x650
(2), located in the Valley of the Dead.

Once that is completed, continue west and talk to
One Who talks with the Past
Inferno Burning Marshes - 1190x755
(3) in the Valley of the Dead

Ending the devotion

Now you need to kill Kill 5 Anansi Devotees, 5 Anansi Protectors and 1
Anansi Scribe
Inferno Burning Marshes - 1680x1390
(4) in Burning Marshes and then return to One Who talks with the Past.

Search for the Shy

Yet again you're sent out to kill mobs, this time 5 Shy Eremites, 5 Bold Eremites and 1
Calamity Eremite
Inferno Burning Marshes - 1810x1180
(5) in Burning Marshes. Upon completing, Concentrated Psychic Information will spawn in your inventory. Return it to the Yutto and you'll be awarded with Flawed Arul Saba Prototype.

Secure the Guardian data

Now you need to exterminate
Guardian of Dissent
Inferno Burning Marshes - 2260x875
(6) in Burning Marshes and loot Concentrated Psychic Data. Return the data to One Who talks with the Past.

Guardian Of Dissent

Assault on the Anansi

It's time to turn your attention towards more Anansi! This time you must 5 Anansi Orators, 5 Anansi Speakers and 1
Anansi Storyteller
Inferno Burning Marshes - 1000x1340

Upon a successful kill, you'll get Damaged Soul Key in your inventory, which you return to the Yutto.

At this point Meta-Physicists will be rewarded with Healing Staff of Alcofribas Nasier, Nano technicians with Nano Crystal (Superior Notum Overflow Injector) and Traders with Nano Crystal (Nanobot Defense)

Repair the soul key

This is the only quest with a timer; you have 13 hours to complete it. You need to loot Brimstone Heart off
Brimstone Demon
Inferno Burning Marshes - 1570x1490
(8) in Burning Marshes and Scalding Weaver Skin off
Scalding Weaver
Inferno Burning Marshes - 1440x1430
(8) in Sorrow Pass.

Scalding Weaver Brimstone Demon1

Before you return to the Yutto, you'll need to combine the Skin and Heart to get Biomechanical Medicine.

Fight the Right

This is one part of the last quest. You need to kill
Anansi's Right Hand
Inferno Burning Marshes - 1915x1625
(9). In order to complete the quest, you'll have to do both parts, even though the quest updates after completing just one part.

Take on the left

This is the other part of the last quest. You're sent out to kill
Anansi's Left Hand
Inferno Burning Marshes - 1934x1765
(9). When you have achieved both kills, you'll be left with just a single Return Mission.

When you return to One Who talks with the Past, it will reward you with Ethereal Implant of Berserker Rage. Shades can right-click it to turn it into Ethereal Spirit of Berserker Rage.

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