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The 16.2 patch saw Elysium become filled with fantastic quests for low to mid level characters. For this guide, our journey will start at The Melting Pot in Elysium 720 x 1565. There you will need to talk to The Yuttos named
One Who Wins Over Mind
Elysium East - 715.6x1552.2
. This Quest giving NPC has 4 different quests: Bluetooth Harvest, Sleeping Medicine, Visiting Barter and a challenge... lets go visit him!

Bluetooth Harvest
One Who Wins Over Mind wants you harvest 5 Blue Tooth Fungi (... if you say you arent interested in this he will ask you if you want to visit Barter. Scroll down to the bottom for this one!) He will spawn a Fungus Sample Bag into your inventory to allow you to complete this process although the samples will go into your inventory space, so make sure you have enough slots free! The mission does not provide a way point, therefore, run North East just past Ripwell to around 730 x 2015

To collect the Fungi, click your sample bag onto the Fungi. Please be aware that a failed Harvest appears to cause damage to you for 500 Points of poison damage.

Once all 5 are collected, return to One Who Wins Over Mind. He will request your bag and the 5 samples. Upon completion you will receive The first chapter of The Girl that Saw it All, 25k XP and 25k Credits.

Please note that if you already have this chapter on your character, the chapters are unique and you will not be given a reward for this quest.

Sleeping Medicine
Talking to One Who Wins Over Mind again will allow you to start a new quest which, upon completion, will reward you with a Defender of Troy as well as some credits for your hard work.

Your first task is to go to visit One with a Graceful Neck so we can get some Sleeping Medicine for the Yuttos. His location is at 1000 x 1055 although the mission you have provides a way point. So, press CTRL 4, right click the mission and upload it to your map. Be really wary... you will cross a bridge that goes directly over Hecklers.

Tell him that you are there to get a Sleeping Draught for One Who Wins Over Mind, this new Yuttos will tell you that he is going to need a special ingredient, Spores from Red Hat Mushrooms. The ONLY Supplier of these is apparently One Who has Achieved Glory and we only have 30 minutes to go and find him. The One with the Graceful Neck will give you a Resource Request.

Head over the bridge near to where you were and there is a portal (1060 x 900) ...

Using this will put you within a stones throw of the Yuttos. The mission will give you a way point, so again use CTRL 4 to open your mission tab, then right click to upload.

Talk to One Who Has Achieved Glory, he will ask you for your Resource Request. He will now ask you to collect some Red Hat Mushrooms from the area near by - you have 15 minutes to get this part complete.

Head to the north of the Yuttos, the wildlife in this area is approximately level 80.

Once you have collected your 5 samples, run back to the Yuttos and trade him your samples and the sample bag. You will receive 25k XP and 50k Credits. Now, talk to him and tell him again that you need the Medicine. Trade him your Resource Request again and he will provide you with a box of Red Hat Spores. You are on a timer again, 6 minutes to get back to One with a Graceful neck.

Use the portal located at 530 x 970 and you will get back to the East of Elysium. Talk to One with a Graceful Neck and tell him that you have the spores he requested. He will thank you and give you a red hat mixture.

We now have 15 minutes to get back to One Who Wins Over Mind. So, upload the mission way point and run North East Back to the Yuttos Camp. Tell him that you have the Sleeping Draught he asked for and trade it with him. In return you will receive a Defender of Troy, 25k XP and 25k Credits!

Visiting Barter
So, you aren't interested in another trip collecting Fungi - you can now say that you are interested in Visiting Barter instead. This dialog option will open up the possibility for 2 new quests, Killing the Mortiig Chieftain and Fighting the Looting Mortiigs. Both of these quests are at the same camp, so why not pick up both at once to save some running!

Waypoints are not available for these, but the camp is located in barter, West Elysium at approximately 820 x 1400.

The wildlife in this area is approximately level 80-90.

You are required to kill 5 Looting Mortiigs, while these Mortiigs are around level 90, be wary of the named boss Mortiigs in the area which are level 100. When you have killed the Mortiigs, you will receive a reward of 30k XP and 100k Credits.

The Mortiig Chieftain is level 100; he seems to like area nuking radiation damage for around 200 points of damage. He likes to warp his attacker and is known to also get help from the other named mortiig boss mobs in the area.

Upon killing him you will receive a Huge Diamond on a Stick into your inventory. You now need to return to the One Who Wins Over Mind.

As a reward you will gain 150k XP and 500k Credits. Shades should receive a QL120 Bloodlust

Note: The Mortiigs can drop Perennium Parts, including Muzzles - so this could be ideal for you if you are a Fixer, Soldier or Agent looking to gain parts for a new gun!

The last option for conversation you have with One Who Wins Over Mind is ...
A Challenge...

So.. you are up for a challenge too are you? Our next stop is going to be One Who Overcomes Enemies. He has a mission way point that you can upload from your missions tab, alternatively, you can just run to coordinates: 1450 x 870.

This Quest NPC can give you up to 10 missions. To view these, go to this guide: CLICK

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