One Who Overcomes Enemies

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Level: 60-200
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This questline has mini rewards attached to it on par with the daily mission rewards (however without tokens as this is the Shadowlands!).

You can get the mission for the Malah-Fama Prophetess up to level 150. We have confirmation that a level 200 was able to obtain the catacomb quest and gained rewards for killing the bosses, but a 220 can't get it. We are not entirely sure about the level lock on this quest.

One Who Overcomes Enemies

For this questline, your journey will start at
near Remnans
Elysium North - 1450x870
in Elysium. At this location, you will find a yutto called One Who Overcomes Enemies.

One Who Overcomes Enemies.

The Yutto will give you two options during your dialog with him if your level is low enough. You can either tell him you want to overcome your fears or you can tell him that you want a challenge. (If your level is too high you only get one option.)

Lets start with overcoming our fears...

Mission: Overcome your fears

Your mission will ask you to kill Malah-Fama Prophetess.

Malah-Fama Prophetess.

To find her, run west along the path up the hill towards the area shown on the map above.

Note: there are level 200 mobs called Hiathlin Patrol who are patrolling this area therefore, we need to be a little bit careful! If you wait until the Hiathlin Patrol mob walks away from the Malah you should be able to pull it away from its spawn site slightly to avoid you getting agro from the patrol mobs.

When you have killed the Malah, an Eye of the Prophetess will spawn in your inventory. This item needs to be traded with the Yutto. Run back East along the path, open dialog and trade. You will be rewarded with a Ring of Computing and an XP reward.

The Yuttos will ask you whether you have overcome your fears. If you say that you have ... you get to face a challenge.

Mission: Face a challenge

This part of the questline takes you into the Elysium Catacombs to kill the Boss Mobs. You can collect all the missions at the same time, which should amount to 7 separate kill missions which have times to complete between approximately 7 and 10 hours.

The mission will not give you a way point to the catacomb. So, head to your nearest Redeemed or Unredeemed Temple!! (If you are unfamiliar with the Catacombs, more information can be found in the Tier 1 Guide. It would be beneficial to read this guide prior to continuing with this one so you know what loot will be useful from this trip!)

The Catacomb bosses are all marked on the Sphere map, which can be downloaded from our downloads section. Alternatively, here is a screenshot:

As you enter the "Spirit Room" you will find that the Spirits are approximately level 70. The mobs in the Catacomb are approximately level 120. It will very much depend on how strong your character is as to whether this will be a task you can undertake alone or whether you will need to find some friends to go with you!

Each kill will earn you the equivalent of a daily mission reward.

Last updated on 04.24.2021 by Saavick
Written by Ukblizzard and Uragon
Additional information given by Briie. Level ranges updated by Afreng.
Catacomb Map taken from Sphere Map.
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