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Some of you may have trouble to find their way to Adonis. Hopefully this guide will help you to reach that goal!

As requirements to follow this guide you should be at least level 130, have 10,000 points Guardian Faction and be saved either in the Garden or Sanctuary of Scheol.
You can check your Guardian Faction by typing "/open faction" or using the button in your GUI panel (right wing).

The guide is divided by the point you want to start from:
Garden of Ocra Garden of Roch Ocra's Sanctuary Roch's Sanctuary

Halls of Scheol from Garden of Ocra
Go eastward along the edge (without falling down) untill you reach a stone bridge on the left, from the middle of the bridge jump down onto the small road below you.

Halls of Scheol from Garden of Roch
After leaving the garden turn eastward and go around the corner you see, you will reach a stone bridge. From the middle of the bridge jump down onto the small road below.

The journey starts...
Follow the road eastwards untill you see a group of Hiathlins (level 110-120) at approximately these coordinates: 1450x1260, this is the place you need to head north-west. There is a named Hiathlin (Coah, level: 130) near that way.

Once you passed the cliff near the mouse cursor, turn right northwards.

You reach a valley filled with Girders. These Girders are hungry for you, so you either fight all of them or try to avoid most by hugging the left cliffs of the valley and move to the middle of the valley before the group near the left hand cliffs want to welcome you.

Head north untill you reach a road leading uphills.

In case you own the Key to Ocra's Sanctuary you might want to take the way from The Approach, after leaving the Sanctuary this way head a little north-west untill you see the road to your right.

Follow the road up the hill. Sadly there is no way to avoid the Girder near the road... they are „only“ level 110-120 though with the exception of the unique Robust Girder with level 130.
Near the top of the hill the road leads eastward, that's the point where you shouldn't follow it anymore since it leads to places packed with nasties.

In case you own the Key to Roch's Sanctuary you might want to take the exit Necropolis which is right at this point.

The shortest way now is through a place filled with Spirits, normal at level 110-120 and uniques at level 130. There is no easy way around them, you will have to fight your way through them.
A good way to start is to jump up northward at the curve of the road. You need to head towards the doorway you see northwest-ish. Right behind this doorway is Ergo, but a unique Spirit and his friends most likely won't let you pass freely.

Like you may have recognised Ergo is quite chatty again. However he will give you the option to head right on to Adonis … or offers a quest to gain access, but you really do not want to take it … Scheol is not really a nice place to go questing!

Martial Artist
Scuba Gear

After the conversation with Ergo you should own the access ring of your according unit and a scuba-gear. Let me show you the best looking back item ingame...

Welcome to Adonis
After passing the portal you'll find yourself in a small area. In this area is a Yutto called „One Who Points The Way“ who gives you the hook on the Ado quest. To continue your journey to the real Adonis you have to pass a small stonebridge leading towards a door.

You'll enter a small hallway offering you two different ways.

The less advised way to go is take the right route. It leads towards small areas with either Redeemed or Unredeemed mobs (so basicly a good place to hunt for insignias). The garden statues are also located in this area. However, there are stray dogs running around, so be careful (or fast) when using this route. These attack you on sight, and once you killed one, two higher-level dogs instantly spawn. This continues up to 4 spawns and a boss dog... but you most likely won't see that many...

The alternative way is to head straight forward in the hallway towards a door. Before you pass this door you should equip the scuba gear! Why? Because the door leads into Metawater which hurts quite a bit. Additionally, your runspeed is lowered by 750 which makes escaping tricky.

Once you passed the door you see a broken way right in front of you and a small canyon. A well known way to pass through is to hug the walls in the west until you see the broken way (to your right) end up at the bottom of a ramp. Of course you can also run right along the way, but this way you get the attention of a Disgusting Parasite.... you really do not want its attention!

At the bottom of the ramp a bunch of Slotherians (level 130) await you. Just rush through them, they are fixed to the location and have a small attack range. After being safe again you should get your health up again, another Parasite awaits you on top of the ramp... again just pass him, it shouldn't hurt you too much since the passage out of the Meta Water is right behind him.

Once you are on the other side you are faced with the rest of the ramp not flooded with Metawater.

On top of the ramp, (where Fourth Watch Down is), you can turn right and head eastward a bit. You should see a little ramp leading southward and a stone plateau in the northeast now. Please remember this place if you want to save in the Unredeemed Garden later.

When you move over to the stone plateau you'll find stairs leading downwards, at the bottom of the stairs is a quite good place to hunt for insignias of both gardens - Dalja & Gilthar.

Kill the Somphos & Creepos to find an insignia of the according garden.

Now the ways split again. In case you want to save in the Garden of Dalja (Unredeemed) head back upstairs. I'll get back to that point in a bit.
If you want to save in the Garden of Gilthar the easiest way is to find the small bridge (you may have seen it from the stairs already) eastward over the river and head for the wall. There is a statue, but be aware there are quite some Somphos & Creepos around it.

Once you entered the garden make sure you save, the trip is quite a pain to go through again every time you need to head to Adonis.

Those who intend to save in the Garden of Dalja are most likely upstairs again. Head towards the small ramp mentioned above and go further to the south.

There you find the Dalja Statue in the very south. Be careful, there are Spirits and Spirit Hunter on the way – with some luck you avoid aggro of them when you hug the wall to your right.

Congratulations! Now you are in Adonis. Enjoy your stay!

Some good advise is to possibly start the garden key quest as soon as you find the time. Here are the links to the Dalja Garden Key Quest and Gilthar Garden Key Quest

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