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Most players come into contact with ancient Xan runes as soon as they step into Shadowlands. In some cases, even Jobe scientiests draw their attention to them. But since Jobe scientists don't actually go into detail and since runes appear just as an interesting drawing, players tend to forget and ignore them.
Another factor contributing to that is that many writtings found don't actually translate to any sensible. Some speculate that this is coused by damage/errosion, or that's ancient graffiti. But in any case, recent discovery of Xan runes on Rubi-Ka spurred new interest in this field.

Some examples of discovered writtings:

Translates to: Manuals and gizmos; found at Yutto encampment in Nascence

Translates to: Potions and lotions; found at Yutto encampment in Nascence

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Translates to: into whirling blades, Avoid falling (top line)
things, Mind the gap, Dangerous (bottom line)
Found inside the Machine (same text circles around the cave, doors break the sentances)

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