Nano-technician's Cyberdecks

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Class: Nano-Technician
Faction: All Factions
Level: 50-220
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If you are a Nano-technician and have the Shadowlands expansion, then there is a very special weapon available to you. It's the Cyberdeck. It has many beneficial buffs and greatly enhance the NT's nano skills as well as enabling the NT to cast certain nanos.


There is already a guide that describes how to obtain Specializations. However, what we didn't mention was that NT's receive a cyberdeck in addition to receiving their specialization. The table below displays the Cyberdeck a NT would receive for the completion of each specialization.

SpecializationCyberdeckLevel Requirement
FirstImageBasic Cyberdeck50
SecondImageAugmented Cyberdeck100
ThirdImageJobe-chipped Cyberdeck150
FourthImageIzgimmer-modified Cyberdeck200

Cyberdecks are specific to genders and breeds. Although you can complete your specialization quest before you reach the level requirement of for each Cyberdeck, it is well worth having the next Cyberdeck in hand, since it only has a level requirement to equip, and thus can be easily equipped when you reach the requisite level.

Further Upgrades

Once you have your Izgimmer-modified Cyberdeck, then you can further upgrade it with Alien Technology. Three chips sometimes drop drop from the alien bosses in the mothership during AI city raids. Only one chip can be added to your Izgimmer-modified Cyberdeck to further enhance it. You can read about the upgrades in this guide.

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