Nano-technician's Cyberdecks

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Class: Nano-Technician
Faction: All Factions
Level: 50-220
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If you are a Nano-technician and have the Shadowlands expansion, then there is a very special weapon available to you. It's the Cyberdeck. It has many beneficial buffs and greatly enhance the NT's nano skills as well as enabling the NT to cast certain nanos.


Fresh Nano-technicians receive a free Worn Cyberdeck on Arete. You can get a new version after every Specialization you hand in at Professor Dedlock in Jobe Harbour. To get your next Cyberdeck, trade with the Nano-Technician of IPS in the same shop. There are four Cyberdecks available. The base price is listed in the table below, but may be significantly lower depending on your skill in Computer Literacy. Note that previously, the professor would just give you your Cyberdeck, but this is no longer the case.

SpecializationCyberdeckLevelBase Price
Basic Cyberdeck
501 mill
Augmented Cyberdeck
1002 mill
Jobe-chipped Cyberdeck
1503 mill
Izgimmer-modified Cyberdeck
2004 mill

Cyberdecks are specific to genders and breeds. Right-click the one you buy and it will automatically adjust to one you can use.

Further Upgrades

Once you have your Izgimmer-modified Cyberdeck, you can further upgrade it with Alien Technology. Three chips sometimes drop drop from the alien bosses in the mothership during AI city raids. Only one chip can be added to your Izgimmer-modified Cyberdeck to further enhance it. You can read about the upgrades in this guide.

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