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NT's will be happy to see these upgrades for Izgimmer-modified Cyberdeck!

They drop from Alien bosses, and they are also NODROP, so be sure that an NT gets it. Upgrades only work on the Tech 4 Cyberdeck. The chip must be QL200 or higher.

If you use one of the 3 tradeskill components on the Izgimmer Cyberdeck to upgrade it then you are stuck with that upgrade until a Disassembler Tool (loot from Alien General) is used on the Cyberdeck, which removes the upgrade (the chip is destroyed, you can't re-use it). So if you don't like your upgrade, or you want to change, it is possible.

Last updated on 06.10.2013 by Afreng
Information originally provided by Zeca to the AI Library Forums. Additional information provided by Rahmorak, Windguaerd, and jokeusa.
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