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With the team Dark Ruins instance and later when the daily missions came along these little items were added to the drop table of various Shadowlands mobs. So long as you're within the applied level range of the chip once you right click it you will be given a return item type mission to hand it in for your reward.

Mission : You've found a Doja-Chip

Upload the mission to your map and head to Jobe Research. You are headed to
Jobe Research Lab R1
Jobe Research - 934x910

Lab R1

Inside the lab you will find Scarlett Dalquist

Scarlett Dalquist

Open dialog with Scarlett and trade her the chip. You will receive your XP/SK and token reward.

General Notes

Here's some things you should know about DOJA chips.
  • All DOJA chips are on a shared lockout except for the team Dark Ruins one which is on a separate lockout. So at most you can only turn in two DOJA chips every 18 hours, one from team Dark Ruins and one from elsewhere in your level range.
  • It is not possible to load the return mission for more than one chip that share a lockout. So you can't for instance get an Inferno and Alappaa chip and load the return mission for both. Once one has been loaded you'll be blocked from loading another one.
  • All DOJA chips are nodrop unique. So you can have only one of each type of chip at a time and can not trade them to others.
  • DOJA chips only come from outside mobs for a related zone. Mobs inside static dungeons and SL missions do not drop DOJA chips.
  • All DOJA chips give a single level based scaling daily mission like reward of XP/SK and tokens.
  • The level requirements on a chip apply to you at the time of use. If you used a chip while within the level range of the chip then levelled out of that range before handing it in you would still be able to hand it in.
  • The return mission you get requires you to turn in one of the same type of chips you used to get it. So if you used an Inferno chip you can't turn in any other chip other than an Inferno one to complete the return mission.
  • These are all random drops and except for the one from team Dark Ruins the drop rate isn't great. So if you're lucky you could regularly get one within just a handful of kills but if luck is not with you it's possible to come up empty even after some 100+ kills.
  • When level 200+ your related faction levels will influence how much SK you get from DOJA chips, daily mission rewards as well as any to most any other SK gains.

Available Chips and Usable Level Ranges

ZoneUsable Level Range
Team Dark Ruins Level below 201

Team Dark Ruins zone has a level 150-200 lock.

What Drops Them

Please note that there may be other mobs that can drop them so you may want to try some other mobs as well. Generally though it seems that the mobs that can drop DOJA chips are the very plain run of the mill type mobs not added for any quest.

NascenseCrippler of Growth
Predator Striker
Spinetooth Hatchling
ElysiumBony Spinetooth
Callous Mortiig
Heartland Predator
Shunpike Dryad
Esoteric Hiathlin
Rock Rafter
Abyssal Roamers
PenumbraIcy Predator
Demon of Water
Icy Shadow
Frosty Rafter
InfernoDemon of Shadow
Fiery Chimera
Marsh Lizards
Somphos Logee
Antediluvian Spinetooth
team Dark Ruins,
Albtraum &
Looks like anything in these zones can drop a chip except maybe adds, special mobs and bosses.

Last updated on 05.26.2021 by bitnykk
Written and researched by AnotherPhoenix, additional info by Windguaerd and Demoder.
Images provided by Ukblizzard.
Marsh Lizards Inf drops confirmed by Moraphina and confirmed by Uneedgsf
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