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What is a Personal Service Tower?

Personal service towers were introduced as part of the Notum Wars booster pack. They provide many benefits and can also be commanded to attack enemies. They require some tradeskills to create and operate much the same way as any attack pet, except they cannot move from the spot at which they were activated.

Personal service towers tend to be a rather overlooked aspect of Anarchy Online, but the presence of a personal service tower planted at the spot where you're fighting a tough boss may be the difference between victory and reclaim (especially for free players).

What does a Personal Service Tower do for me?

Activating a QL 75 or higher personal service towers will provide nearby team members a small shield and AC boost. Higher quality personal service towers will heal team members and provide a perception buff in addition to shields and AC buffs. You can examine the amount of buffs or healing a personal service tower can provide by examining the four AoE drone shields.

In addition to beneficial buffs and healing, personal service towers can be commanded to attack nearby targets like any other attack pet. It will appear as a pet in the pet window (/open pet). The main difference between personal service towers and regular pets is that personal service towers cannot move from the location that they were spawned. Therefore, you need to plant it near the mob or boss that you are fighting or at the front where your raid group has assembled.

You can buff your personal service tower with any buffs that normally will land on robotic pets, and they are affected by certain team auras. You cannot use trimmers on personal service towers.

How do I get a Personal Service Tower?

Personal service tower shells are available for purchase in tower shops between QL 5 and 75. They only exist in specific quality levels. The table below will show the different service towers and their requirements. It is possible to tradeskill a personal service tower below QL 75, but it is actually less expensive to simply purchase a completed inactive service tower shell from a tower shop.

In order to obtain a QL 150 or higher inactive personal service tower you will need to use tradeskills to construct one.

Before you start tradeskilling

By now, I'm sure I've sold you on the idea of personal service towers and you're ready to run out and build your own personal service tower. However you need the following tool to build a personal service tower:

You cannot purchase this tool. You must complete a quest from your faction's supplymaster in order to obtain one (or either faction's supplymaster if you are neutral). We have provided a separate guide for how to obtain a Multi-Purpose Tuner of your own.

What is the tradeskill process?

Now that you have your Multi-Purpose Tuner, we can get to the actual tradeskilling of a personal service tower. Start by purchasing a Service Tower Library of the appropriate QL from a tower shop.

  +  Image
XXX Service Tower Library
  =  Image
XXX Service Tower Brain

Requires x5.75 Mechanical Engineering & x4 Electrical Engineering and Nano-Programming of the QL of the Service Tower Library.

Now you will need a service tower shell. Service tower shells can often be found in mission chests and can also be purchased from the tower shop. Their QL must be at least 90% of the QL of the Service Tower Library.

XXX Service Tower Shell
  +  Image
XXX Service Tower Brain
  =  Image
Inactive XXX Service Tower

Requires x4 Mechanical Engineering of the QL of the Service Tower Brain.

Now you have an inactive service tower that is ready for use. To spawn the service tower, simply right-click the inactive shell.

What are the requirements to use a Personal Service Tower?

There are level and skill requirements to spawn and control a personal service tower. The table below lists the different quality levels of service towers and their requirements.

You may only have one personal service tower at a time.

QualityNameMin. Level RequiredMatter CreationsMechanical Engineering
5Flimsy Service Tower51615
15Feeble Service Tower157545
50Recycled Service Tower5060150
75Android Service Tower7575188
150Semi-Sentient Service150150375
225Cyborg Service Tower200250562
300Nano Service Tower
(apparently not in game)

How do I control my Personal Service Tower

Towers can be issued commands similarly to pets, however you command the tower using the /tower command rather than the /pet command. The following table lists the available tower commands.

/tower attackAttack my currently targetted mob
/tower guard Attack whatever attacks me
/tower behindStop attacking and stop guarding
/tower reportReport on the tower's current HP and NP
/tower terminateTerminates the tower. (Be careful with terminating your personal service tower in your own tower fields, as this is the same command to terminate other conductor and Notum War towers.)
/tower rename <Name>Changes the name above the personal service tower to <Name>. (This command works the same way as the /pet rename command, and thus you can change the color of your tower's name using a script.)
/tower chat "<Message>"Causes your tower to speak the <Message> in vicinity chat.

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