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Lost Eden has introduced a whole new range of weapons, for every profession. However, they start off without any specials, and a bit weak. For them to be of most use, they will need to be upgraded fully, a total of 5 times. The process is, however, relatively simple.

You will first need to purchase your weapon. This can be done at the Unicorn Defense Hub; go to one of the new Ofab weapon terminals and choose your weapon. They will need to be purchased with Victory Points, which you can get in either Alien Missions or in the BattleStation. This weapon will have the tag Mk 1, which you can upgrade to Mk 6. Each upgrade will have a new mesh.

The upgrades for each weapon are found in Alien Missions, where they drop from the bosses. They also drop from Dreadloch bosses at the Clan and Omni camps. Here is the complete list:

1h Edge, 2h Edge, Piercing

1h Blunt, 2h Blunt

Rifle, Assault Rifle, Shotgun

Pistol, SMG, Bow

The tradeskill process itself is pretty straightforward. You just add the clump to the weapon.

The clump must be 80% (or more) of the QL of the weapon.

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