Airstrikes and Orbital Bombardments

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With the Lost Eden Expansion came a new angle to the Notum Wars possibilities. Namely Airstrikes and Orbital Bombardments.

These features are available to organisations, require the purchase of a laser tagging device and for the organisation to own a city. The city is vital because the Stations to control the devices are located within the Headquarters building.

Laser Tagging Devices

To get your hands on a Laser tag you need to head to one of the three tower shops located on Rubi ka as they are available from the Ofab Nanos and Devices terminal in there.

The laser tagging devices cost a mere 1000 victory points. You can gain Victory Points by either participating in Battle Station Events or taking on Alien Mothership Missions.

How do you initiate an Airstrike or an orbital bombardment?

Someone in your organisation must place the laser tagging device in a valid land control area. When the device has been positioned, a member of the organisation can use the stations in the organisation Headquarters small meeting room.

As you can see, on the left and the right hand side of the room are the two stations.

Airstrike Targeting Station

Orbital Bombardment Targeting Station

By clicking the stations, a user interface pops up which lists all the available tagging devices planted by your organisation.

The organisation member is then able to choose the tagging device and start the attack at the given location. This starts the launch of a pretty large scale area attack. Your enemy cannot see where the tagging devices are planted.

The strikes and bombardment require careful co-ordination between two people, and there is a 15 minute lockout timer on the organisation; timing them correctly will be vital.

Last updated on 07.03.2008 by Trgeorge
Main information provided by Silirrion in the Lost Eden FAQ 7
Images and additional information by Ukblizzard
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