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As there are no bright flashy neon signs giving directions, let us help you find your way towards Neretva Canyons and Arid Rift. Firstly you need to get yourself to the Alien Outzones: You can follow this guide here.

Secondly, if you need a map -- download Bitnykk's SL Map from the downloads section.

Now, when you are in the Outzones you need to go to the bottom of the stairs here:

Head forwards through this gate

Head through the gate as shown in the above image, and then follow the path forwards. You will come to an elevator shaft guarded by two Unicorn Guards.

Click the lever to zone.

Once you zone through, you need to seek out the Unicorn Coordinator.

Unicorn Coordinator

Location: 556 x 773, Central Gateway

Unicorn Coordinator

By speaking to the Unicorn Coordinator, you can find out more about both the Neretva Canyons and Arid Rift.

Chosing Arid Rift, the alien zone, will lead to gaining this mission:

Mission Description for Arid Rift

Chosing Neretva Canyon, the dustbrigade area, will lead to gaining this mission:

Mission Description for Neretva Canyon

Places of interest in this area

Pandemonum Portal

Behind where the Unicorn Coordinator is standing, you may notice in the distance this large structure in the centre of the large ravine:

To get to it, run around the edge of the ravine, past a few wandering spirits who are really low level and you cannot attack them.

At the top of the structure you will find Unicorn Commander Labbe and also a Pandemonium Portal. If you click your Pure Novictum ring (+10 ring) on this statue, you will be zoned to Pandemonium.

The Xan symbols on this portal reads, PANDEMONIUM

Outzone Supplier

Location: 612 x 522, Central Gateway

The Outzone Supplier is a great feature in the zone. He stocks ammo, health / nano kits and also a few other miscellaneous items. In addition, next to him is a Bank Terminal, ICC Cell Structure Scanner and a respawn point.

Outzone Supplier

Tips for this area

You can "fall" or rather jump into the large ravine that is behind the table next to the coordinator, over the sand bags. Doing this will zone you back to the Unicorn area near the spiral stairs.

The game mechanics for this area are Shadowlands Driven. Please be aware of the following:

  • You can use Shadowlands nano / health kits.
  • Shadowlands warps work here.
  • Rubi-Ka grid nanos do not work here.

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