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Dust Brigade Notum Infusers are used in 15 processes, most of them for upgrading Basic Infused Dust Brigade Bracer. Other 5 tradeskills include Dust Brigade Engineer Pistol upgrade as well as improving 4 gizmos associated with Albtraum (for those scroll down untill end of guide). And of course you can find DB Notum Infusers and the Bracer Inside the Machine.

Infused Dust Brigade Bracer

Each of the steps will require 2000 Computer Literacy skill.

Albtraum gizmos upgrades

Note: Each of this upgrades require 1500 Computer Literacy skill. Ancient Vision Preservation Unit and Ancient Speed Preservation Unit drop from Xan Essence Crystal - Divided Loyalty - a pocket boss found and spawned in Albtraum.

Ancient Vision Preservation Unit

Ancient Speed Preservation Unit

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Information provided by Trgeorge, additional information by Windkeeper.
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