Anti-Gravity Unit

Class: All Classes
Faction: All Factions
Level: 190-220
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First of all, don't let the name of this item fool you. You won't be able to fly with it, but instead it will give you a small VA buff, making it easier to equip Air Vehicles. Main component, Juggernaut's Anti-Gravity Unit, needed drops from Juggernauts, but if you're after it, be prepared to spend some time farming it, since drop rate isn't that great. All you need then is Small backpack, you can aquire in any Advanced or Superior shop. Combining the parts is equally easy, since no tradeskills are needed at all.

Note:This item doesn't enable flight, it just helps equiping your faviorite vehicle

Last updated on 11.10.2012 by Llie
Guide written by Trgeorge.
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