Omni-Pol Command Juggernauts

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Class: All Classes
Faction: Clan
Level: 150-220
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Note: Although this guide has been marked as for Clan, anyone may participate in the fight, but the loot is primarily for Clan.



Juggernauts were developed by Omni-Tek and can be found throughout Rubi-Ka. The Omni-Pol Command Juggernauts represent Omni-Tek's most advanced entry in their strategic automated defense arsenal. Two Omni-Pol Command Juggernauts are stationed along the road from Lush Hills to Omni-1 Entertainment District in Lush Fields and a third in the Omni-AF Primary Base in Avalon.

They occur in levels from 245 to 250, and have a huge amount of HP. To supplement their already high AC, they also posses the ability to cast a 30% reflect shield as well as a self heal over time that can restore upwards of 13k HP during the duration of the HoT.

In addition to the Omni-Pol Juggernauts melee damage, they also cast: a stun, a 2k-5k damage over time, and -100 all weapons and all nano skills debuff on their attackers.

They are immune to charms, calms, snares, blinds, nano debuffs, AAO debuffs, and init debuffs.

A raid force of level 175 - 200 is needed to take down this formidable enemy, but can be soloed by a reasonably well-equipped 220 character.

[Reveal] Regarding the ones in Lush Field (Contributed by Carrion)
It's worth noting that one seems to be standing still (or is just stuck) roughly halfway between the Lush Hills resort and the ferry to Omni-1 Trade, while the other patrols the road between the first Juggernaut and the ferry point. So if you attack the stuck one, pull it towards Lush Hills Resort or off the road a bit, or be prepared for the other Juggernaut to suddenly join the fight!


Wondering why anyone would even be interested in these Juggernauts? Let's take a look at the loot:

For more information on what to do with Juggernaut's Anti-Gravity Unit, consult this guide.

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