Aggression Multiplier

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Interesting things drop in certain dungeons, some of them useful. One of those is the Essence of Pure Jealousy, a QL 42 item that drops in stacks of 3 from a mob called Jealousy in the Steps of Madness. Don't split this stack, you need to use all 3 charges in one go.


The item you're combining it with is called Aggression Multiplier, which can be found as mission reward, in chests as well as in shops. The QL of the Aggression Multiplier is important, as it sets the QL of the final product.

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Requires 4.5x the QL of the Aggression Multiplier in Mechanical Engineering and Weapon Smithing.

A normal QL200 Aggression Multiplier taunts for 800, while our shiny new Aggression Multiplier (Jealousy Augmented) of the same QL taunts for 1800. It's one of best aggro tools there are and it's not even profession specific.

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