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While the Rollerrats are a bit of a mystery to the scientific community, their benefit to the community sure isn't. Besides being one of best guard dogs, with their high pitched squeaks and being extremely territorial, they are also used in weapon (for more details check this guide) and toys production. While they use only hides for making ballons, their meat is more than useful too.

Items Required

Drops frequently from Rollerrats.

Can be purchased from a Pharmaceutical Components Terminal.

Can be purchased from a Mechanical and Electrical Components Terminal.

Can be bought from a Devices Terminal.

Can be purchased from Zoftig Blimp in Mort. He sells it in stacks of 10 and you better leave them as they are, since you'll need all 10 of them.

Since raw flesh tend to start dissolving fairly soon, we need to tan it it first.

Now you need something to support and mold the Flesh. For that grab your MasterComm and the Hacker Tool.

  +    =  
Requires x5 in Breaking & Entering and x3.73 in Computer Litteracy Skills based on the QL of MasterComm.

Now you're ready to apply first piece of Tanned Flesh to it.

  +    =  
Requires 90 in Mechanical Engineering and 90 Electrical Engineering Skills.

As the description and name states, this piece of equipment ain't ready to wear yet. You need to strengthen it with Ancarim Sun Tan Lotion.

  +    =  
Requires 45 in Chemistry Skills.

Fear not! This ain't final product. You still have 9 pieces of flesh and we will add those one at a time. Helmet will increase it's QL and stats, but unfortunately the skills needed will increase with each step as well.

  +    =  
Requires 445 in Chemistry and 45 in Mechanical Engineering Skills.

With each piece of Tanned Flash you add the QL will increase by 10, stats will increase proportionaly and so will skills needed. For example : 4 Layered Helmet will be x4 QL of original, it will add x4 Nano resist of original and it will also require x4 as much skill to build.

You can do his process until the items becomes a QL 100 Excellent Rollerrat Helmet.

But Rollerrat is a smart creature and has involved in a way, that its flesh is compatible with Carbonum. Since Rollerrat Helmet is less rigid, you can dismantle it and strap over Carbonum.

You will need the following items:

The Screwdriver can be found in Tools for Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Terminal. You need to build yourself a Carbonum Plate Helmet (check this guide for details) of appropriate QL, since it will determine QL of finished product.

  +    =  
Requires 450 in Mechanical Engineering and 450 in Electrical Engineering Skills.

  +    =  
Requires x5 in Chemistry and x5 in Mechanical Engineering Skills based on the QL of the Carbonum Helmet.

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