Zoftig Blimp Vendor

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If you like fashionable headgear then you should get to this vendor.

Head to the town of Hope in Mort. This remote location can be either reached by Whom-Pah from Stret West Bank or Newland Desert. Once there, keep your eyes peeled for a man named Zoftig Blimp who should be standing near the north west corner.

Zoftig Blimp.

Right click on him to open his dialogue screen. You can chat with him if you like and he will tell you about himself. Once done you can click the shopping cart icon at the bottom of his dialogue screen. This will open his available stock. Prices range from 10k to almost half a million credits.

Use your Shopping Cart icon wisely.


He has a nice stock of fashionable clothing available. Note that some of these items used to have some minor bonuses, but those were unfortunately removed with the 18.7 patch.

Adds 5 to Dimach Skill as well as some ACs.
Adds 5 to Computer Literacy Skill as well as ACs.
Adds 20 to Run Speed Skill as well as ACs.
Bring this to Pulcinella at the glass dance floor in Reet Retreat to get A Simple Latex Mask, which is one of the items required to earn your Hyper-Radiation Protection Skin and Glasses.

Note: Always check the requirements of any item before you purchase it (move cursor over item, hold shift+left click).

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Information originally provided by Windguaerd. Additional information provided by Nyton.
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