NotuComm Mesh Trenchcoat

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Level: 100-220
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Before we go into building NotuComm Mesh Trenchcoat, let me explain the strange subtitle. This cloak exists only between QL 160 and 200. In itself, it really isn't worth to bother with; there are plenty of better back items out there. But with just one upgrade, those with the Shadowlands expansion can transform this piece into one of the most desired PvP items.

Right, I guess we're ready to start assembling the components then. You'll need:

Can be bought in Tools terminal in all shops around Rubi-Ka.

x 36, QL 145+
Drops from pretty much any mob, but the droprate is not high. Medusas seem to drop them on a regular basis, so you might want to pay a visit to the North-West area of Eastern Foul Plains.
Available from the ICC Engineering Supplies terminal in neutral Fair Trade shops.
Buyable from Clothes terminals in shops or from Tailors.

The building process is more or less straight-forward:

You should now have six Complete NotuComm Circuitry, all ready for the next combination process.

  +    =  
Requires 4.5x Mesh QL in Nano Programming and 5x in in Field Quantum Physics.
The final QL of the Coat will be set by the QL of the Mesh.

For those of you that consider this just a small step to PvP greatness, you can find guide to the rest of it here.

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