Junkmetal Armor

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As the name indicates, the basic ingredient for this is junk, more specifically Robot Junk. Players stumble across it basically from the start of the game.

Tools Required

Precious Metal Reclaimer is obtainable from Mechanical and Electrical Tools Terminal. It doesn't get used up in the process. Pharmacy and Chemistry Tools and Bases Terminal sells HSR - Sketch and Etch Tools. Screwdriver is something you can buy at any general shop. Mass Relocating Robot (Shape Hard Armor) is not sold in shops, check our Mass Relocating Robots guide to learn how to get it.

First tradeskill is just preparation of resources.
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Requires 6x Mechanical Engineering based on QL of Robot Junk

Note: While it's possible to refine Robot Junk over QL 200, all pieces of this armor will become no higher than QL200.

Now you need to assign which armor piece you want to assemble:
Note: HSR - Sketch and Etch - Helmet will make Shoulder Plate, not helmet, thus 8 pieces of armor in this set.

Next step can be approached in two different ways:

Either with Mass Relocating Robot (Shape Hard Armor) or Screwdriver. While the second is cheaper to obtain, it also needs more skill to use.


Junkmetal Armor

QL 200 set of Junkmetal Armor

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