High Commander Hoover Quest

Class: All Classes
Faction: Clan
Level: 100-150
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This quest involves collecting weapons for one of the Sentinel High Commander Fielding. To find him and start the quest you'll have to head to the Sentinel's Tower Research Base (2700,3500) in Wailing Wastes. You can get there fairly easily if you use the Wailing Wastes Whom-Pah in Athen.

It can be found in the far North East of that zone, just past the crater lake.

You will find High Commander Hoover at the top level of the base at the right side of a building.

If High Commander Hoover is not around, you must talk to Coordinator Santos who will get in touch with the Commander and get him out of his office for you.

He asks for your help in the battle for freedom, sound serious of course but the task will not be as grand as it may sound. He will give you a Dimension Crushing Storage Device.

Note: You can't do Hoover's and Fielding's Quests at the same time because both use the exact same item (Dimension Crushing Storage Device). However if you actually have one of the weapons needed and put it in the device it will no longer be the exact one which was originally handed to you, therefore you could get another device from the other High Commander.

The mission requires you to collect 12 of these weapons:

These weapons drop off the Omni-Tek Defense Patrollers, Defense Guards and Scouts wearing energized armor in Avalon. They can be found in and around either Omni-Tek Bases in the area, they are over level 150 and are located inside and around the perimeter of each heavily defended base.

I advise against pull them out without a strong team since there are level 220 Sergeants at each base. Your best chance with a reasonable chance of success on a hill near the Main Omni-Tek Base (2110, 1340). There are also guard around at the bottom of the hill allowing you to have a good number of targets.

Note: The guards also drop another weapon which is needed for High Commander Fielding's Quest.

The hill will have more than enough guards for you to get the weapons you need, there is a level 160 Sergeant Harry at the top that is stronger than the average guard, he has no weapon so he will be using martial arts against you.

It is likely that during all the fighting you will find a few Clan Bravery Tokens on the guards which is an extra bonus while doing this quest.

Combine each of the love rains with the Dimension Crushing Storage Device until it is full with 12. Return the full device to Supply Master Smug for your xp and cash rewards.

Make sure you get a written confirmation from him to give back to High Commander Hoover.

High Commander Hoover will take the Receipt and give you a Clan Mission Token and A Note to Supply Master Smug.

As a small token of appreciation the Sentinel Council decided to give you a reward to aid you in your fight against Omni-Tek. It has been delivered to the Supply Master, so get back to him with the note that High Commander Hoover gives you. It's a good thing all these high ranking officers are in the same base.

Be prepared for Smug's "I have no idea what he is talking about. We don't have any tower weapon upgrades in stock right now, but come back later and I am sure we can come up with something.."

The easy way to get him to collaborate is to tell him "Have it your way. I'll just let Fredrickson know all about your shady business..". You will get a Augias X-11 Ejector, but don't expect Smug to be your friend.

The requirements to wield this weapon are quite high as you can see:


Attack time 2.5 s
Recharge time 3.5 s
Range 30m
Damage 40-440 (240)
Poison AC

MG/SMG 1401
Burst 1051

This weapon is clearly directed towards Notum Wars tower use since it can be mounted on a tower (not one pre-made but one constructed by a player from scratch). It's almost not possible for anyone to weild this weapon unless they have the Shadowlands expansion and are above level 200 due to it's requirements. However a level 200 Fixer or Trader might be able to equip with wrangles, buffing items and regular buffs but I've never tested this possibility. If you want a good Notum Wars tower defending your organization's base, then have one made with this weapon since it does quite a lot of damage.

Supply Master Smug also has a quest for you to perform if you are up to it.

Note: This quest is mostly used to 'farm' tokens. It is common for people to actually sell bags of BBI Minami-90 Sticky Love Rains, they are known in the community as 'token guns' or 'token bags'. This is due to the large number of people with Shadowlands expansion who skip Rubi-Ka missions. In the Shadowlands there is no way to earn tokens.

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