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Big Guns and Reflects

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Breed
3. IP
4. Weapons
5. Armor
6. Nanos
7. Implants + Symbiants
8. Perks
9. Research
10. Fighting as a Soldier
11. Taunting and Aggro Control
12. Special Formulas

++6. Nanotechnology++

Nano technology is not where the soldier excels. Nevertheless, we have some really useful nanos that shouldn't be ignored. Below, I will highlight what we have to offer for our team mates and ourselves.

For a complete list of soldier nanos, visit this site :


6.1 Reflects

Reflects are what makes soldiers really needed in any team. Yes we have great damage, which is always nice, but reflect is what will make teams survive against the tough mobs. A good reflect can mean the difference between victory and defeat. You will want to always invest in the best reflect that you can cast.

6.1.1 Rubi-Ka Reflect Shields

You will need this reflects for your time on RK. They go by the name of x deflection shield. And you'll want to have the best one that you can have.

6.1.2 Shadowlands Reflect auras

You will need to buy most of these from SL gardens. Make sure to always have the best one for your team, and for yourself.

6.1.3 Total Mirror Shields (Augmented Mirror Shields)

The best part of being a soldier, and the so called "Soldier's best friend". This nano will provide a 75% reflect on yourself for a set amount of time. This should always be available on your hotbar for those emergency situations when you need a short amount of near invincibility. However using this nano will lock your nano skills for 2 minutes, meaning you will not be able to cast another one before that. It will also mean that you won't be able to use some stims for that time. So be carefull. As time progresses however, the reflect time increases greatly, with the max time being 1:20.

All Rubi-Ka reflects, including total mirror shields, are blitzable.

6.2 Weapon and Weapon Special Buffs

Soldier have a very long line of weapon buffs. We can almost buff any weapon line, which makes us very useful to any other ranged profession. It's also nice for ourselves, so that we can easilly buff our weapons.

6.2.1 Assault Rifle Buffs

There are 3 buffs in this line. The first two, A Sergeant's Knowledge, and Assault Rifle Mastery, are store buyable. The last one, Art of Peace, will be a bit harder to obtain. This one can only be gotten by hunting dynas. Try dynas in BF or CAV, or PW.

6.2.2 Ranged Energy Buffs

You'll want to get these buffs for certain guns, as well as any pvp gun that you'll probably want to use. Ranged Energy Weapon Mastery is the highest buff in this line, and you won't have a problem casting it. All store buyable.

6.2.3 Burst Buffs

You will need this to buff your burst. The only way to get the first 3 buffs in this line Power Volley, Power Burst, and The Power of Three are by going to kill dynas in their respective levels. Mind you, these nano crystals are not extremelly rare. These 3 nanos are also self only. The last, and most usefull burst buff Riot Control can be blitzed. It gives a nice 110 to any target. This one is however not self only. You will get asked alot for this buff when in a team, so a good idea to get it as soon as possible.

6.2.4 Full Auto Buffs

You will need these buffs to buff your Full auto. It is self only, so you can't give it to others. The first two buffs in this line can be bought in any shop. The rest are from dynas. The last one, Soldier Clip Junkie is particularly rare, and quite expensive. It is definitly worth it however when you can get your hands on one. Until then, Metal Barrage will do just fine. This one is alot less expensive.

6.2.5 Pisol Buff

Only one pistol buff "Pistol Mastery". It's store buyable, so get it. You'll need it eventually, and you might need it to buff other professions.

6.2.6 Rifle Buff

Pretty useless. It won't stack with agent buffs. It's store buyable, so if you feel like buying it, no reason not to.

6.2.7 Shotgun Buffs

Useless unless you're a shotgun soldier. They are self only and the last one is dyna loot. Not worth your time.

6.2.8 Heavy Weapons buffs

See Shotgun buffs.

6.2.9 Total Focus

I'm adding this nano here, because it buffs all weapons lines by 50, and stacks with everything. A very usefull nano for when buffing into a new weapon. It does take away 40 in evades however, so that's something to consider if you're planning on using it in battle. You can blitz it, so really easy to get.

6.3 Add damage nanos

As soldiers, you will have access to some nice add damage nanos. If you don't have shadowlands, this line is not the best. If you do have Shadowlands however, the add damage aura line is really good. Definitly worth the IP and effort.

6.3.1 Rubi-ka add damage

Don't bother with this line, especially if you have Shadowlands.

6.3.2 Shadowlands damage auras

This is the line to invest in. They are all level locked, so as soon as you get to the level that you can use it, you should try to get it, and be able to cast it. I would wait to cast the last one, Gazump Fight until way into the 215+, and wouldn't spend too much IP to be able to self it. Better to be able to cast it with a CM and wrangle.

6.4 Misc Stat boosts

6.4.1 Multiple Initiatives buffs

These buffs your init. It goes without saying that this line is important for a soldier. You can buy the first two in the shops, and the last one, Offensive Steamroller, it blitzable. Try to cast OS, as soon as you can.

6.4.2 Automatic Targeting

This nano adds a modest 23 to add all offense. Store buyable, and easy to cast. Get it.

6.5 Taunts

As a soldier, you'll want to invest in taunts. Since you will be investing in PM anyways for your weapon and other buffs, there's no reason why not to buy a taunt that you can cast. It will make you a better tank. There are two lines, the one time taunts, and the timed taunts

6.5.1 One time taunts

These taunts are the ones that you want to get. The are definitly more powerful than the timed ones, and ideal for getting something off a doc or support class. You can chain them relativelly well also, so you can keep casting it relativelly fast.

6.5.2 Timed taunts

These taunts are less powerful than the one time ones. They are timed. At the end of the timer, a debuff is cast. Definitly not as useful as the regular taunts, but can be useful in some situations, ie if there are two or more soldiers tms tanking a really hard boss.

6.6 AC buffs

6.6.1 AC buff line

This line is not a huge priority. However can be usefull, and you'll be spending the IP required to cast you damage auras and reflects, so buy the one that you can use. You can buy from shop or blitz them all.

6.6.2 Phalanx

Buffs 350 ACs to all soldiers in your team. Might as well get it when you can cast it. Its not great, but a free 350 AC. And the ncu cost is very low.

6.7 Healing / health nanos

6.7.1 One-More-Hit-Healing

Soldiers are not healers. Eventually you will have the IP necessary for this nano, it's however not a huge priority. It provides a small heal, and worth having in your arsenal for emergencies nonetheless. It does give a small dot after the heal though.

6.7.2 Health line

Not worth putting the IP in BM for this line. It does not stack with enforcer health buffs.

6.7.3. Heal blockers

An ok line to get if you like to pvp. It blocks other professions' ability to cast Complete Heal and Invocatino of the pheonix. It however lost alot of its power with shadowland heals. It's not as important a line as it was used to. Still has its uses though.

++7. Implants / Symbiants++

As a soldier, you'll want to have implants / symbiants that concentrate on weapon skills, and your nano lines. As for a symbiant setup, you'll be restricted to artillery symbiants.

7.1 Early levels

You will want to stick with implant for your first levels, from about 1-80 aproximately. The store bought implants are ok, if you don't feel like putting the effort into making a full set of implants, especially if you're planning to level fast. However, put the time into making your own implants will give you the best setup. Think about starting to make your own implant when you can easily put on the ql 100s. It is also important to note that the low level symbiants will not give good enough stats at these levels to warrant their use, with the exception of maybe Eye and Brain.

Here is an example of an implant setup at low levels. This is only an example, by no means to be taken to be the perfect setup. Each person will have to tweak everything to suit their own tastes.


7.2 Mid levels

When you start to get close to level 80, consider replacing some implants for symbiants, especially brain and eye. These are going to start to get really nice at these levels. For example, at level 88, you can equip a ql 110 Brain, which will add 56 to each nano skills. These levels will also be a great time to start looking for a Chest, Waist, Right Wrist, Leg and Feet symbiants. At aroud 100-110, if you're able, and willing, to tweak into ql 200 implants, you'll want to stick with this for the time being for your weapon skills. That means Right Arm for example. This way will raise your skills like full auto. Certain other slots will work best with an implant. Do some research, and you'll be able to get the best setup for you. Below is an example of a good setup at level 117 (for ql 160 symbiants).

7.3 High levels

Eventually, you'll want an entire symbiant setup. This will probably happen by level 130-150. While artillery symbiants tend to not be the priciest of the bunch, some can still be very expensive, so consider camping for some patterns to get your own. You'll probably have some duplicates to sell, which is always nice. Two spot that I always had implants on were ear and left wrist. On a ql 200 ear, you can put a +7% exp modifier, which is always nice, and a +56 psychology, which helps for taunt tools. On a ql 200 left wrist, you can put a +10 add energy damage.

7.4 Endgame

Endgame symbiants are a problem, especially for an Atrox. You'll need to do a near full perk reset to get your best symbiants on. You will be shooting for ql 250-260 symbiants. Some have put higher ones, but the reward for this is hardly worth the effort. Only do higher if you feel like a challenge (and have a Burden of Competence). Any soldier will be fine with ql 250-260. Only consider equiping these symbiants once you hit 220.

You might also want to think about equiping an Exterminator Ocular Enhancement. Alien generals/admirals drop these. They add really nice stats for your weapons. The good thing about these is that they add to some weapon skills that the regular ocular symbiant will not, like Fling shot, Burst, Full auto, SMG. It will also add a crit modifier. You will however lose some other important skills like nano skills, Computer literature, and Treatment. The Aimed shot on the extermination ocular is also slightly lower. This symbiant is however really hard to equip. They have extremely high requirements, so be ready to tweak these in.

A full set of soldier symbiants may be most useful. Check our guide for basic info on Symbiants.

++8. Perks++

Soldier have really good perks, mostly weapon based, that help them along their journey. At the start, you'll want to concentrate on 3 main lines :

8.1 Shadowland Perks

8.1.1 Heavy Ranged

Assuming that you went assault rifle, you'll need this perk taken care of as much as possible. The more points in this perk, the better gun you can equip.

The perk specials on this line are not particularly great. There's a couple of evade debuffs, and a minor damage perk.

Total Stats
200 Assault Rifle

Laser Paint Target
Weapon Bash
Triangulate Target
Napalm Spray

8.1.2 Special Forces

This line is just as important as the Heavy Ranged line. It buffs burst and FA, which will improve their damage and recycle time. It also gives an ok buff to evades. Don't ignore this perk line

The special on this line are nice. The first one give a nice heal perk, nothing too exciting, but nice nonetheless. There is a good evade debuff perk also. Also very usefull in this perk line is guardian, which transfers 20 reflect % from yourself to a target. Great to help out tanks, or to save a doc during trouble.

Total Stats
200 Full Auto
180 Burst
180 Fling Shot
150 Dodge Ranged
50 Evade Close
50 Duck Explosives

Field Bandage
Contained Burst

8.1.3 Colossal Health

This perk will give you more health. If you want to stay out of reclaim, consider putting points into this perk. While not as important as the first two, still good nonetheless when you have a few extra perks.

Total Stats
3180 Max Health

Blessing of Life
Draw Blood

8.1.4 Power up

You'll want to invest at least one perk in here for the Energize special. If you'd like to be DD soldier however, this perk line is for you. It adds Ranged energy, and + damage. Many choose this one instead of Colossal Health, this is a personal choice however.

Total Stats
200 Ranged Energy
50 Add Damage Modifier

Power Volley
Power Shock
Power Blast
Power Combo

8.1.7 SMG Mastery

If you choose to go SMG, especially at endgame, you'll need to perk this instead of Heavy Ranged.

Total Stats
200 SMG
20 Burst

Reinforce Slugs
Jarring Burst
Solid Slug
Neutronium Slug

8.1.5 Genius

You may want to put a couple of perks in here for the regain nano special. Not the most important perk though for a soldier, especially at lower levels.

Stat with 2 perks
20 Intelligence
20 Psychic
60 Nano Pool

Regain Nano

8.1.6 First Aid

The second perk in this series will give you a heal perk. Always nice to have, but not the most necessary place to put your perks.

Stat with 2 perks
30 Treatment
30 First Aid


8.2 Alien Invasion Perks

8.2.1 Power in numbers

You'll want at least 1 perk in this line for the Supressive Horde special, which adds damage for your entire team. I kept this line maxed though, it has quite a few nice mods, like max health and add all off, and FA.

Total Stats
1000 Max Health
51 Offense Modifier
51 Full Auto

Supressive Horde
Muzzle Overload

8.2.2 Champion of Heavy Artillery

If you're using AR or RE, you'll want perks in this line. It has a decent damage perk special : fuzz. and fire frenzy.

Total Stats
100 Assault Rifle

Fire Frenzy

8.2.3 Champion of Light Artillery

If you choose to go SMG, especially at lower levels, you'll want to perk this instead of Champion of Heavy Artillery.

Total Stats
100 SMG
100 Pistol


8.2.4 Solitus Alpha Genome

Buffs Str, Agil, Stam, but it's especially useful for pvp. There are a few very nice perk specials in here, like tacky hack, which provides a 90% resistance to roots.

Total Stats
34 Strength
34 Stamina
34 Agility

Tacky Hack

8.2.5 Solitus Beta Genome

This perk line can also be useful. The last perk is a really nice team hot. However, you won't have the 90% root resistance from the alpha line if you go this route.

Total Stats
34 Intelligence
34 Sense
34 Psychic


8.2.6 Atrox Alpha Genome

Adds to Str, and Stam. If you're an atrox, you'll want to invest in this, especially if you pvp. This one has mongo rage, which adds a sick amount to offense modifier for 10 seconds. It's followed by a short period where your skills will be lowered however.

Total Stats
49 Strength
49 Stamina

Body Tackle
Mongo Rage

8.2.7 Atrox Beta Genome

Adds to Agility, Sense, Intelligence and Psychic. A useful perk line if you don't plan to PvP. You really only need to raise it up to Wit of the Atrox, which gives some really nice boosts.

Total Stats
25 Agility
25 Sense
25 Intelligence
25 Psychic

Wit of the Atrox
My own Fortress

8.2.8 Opifex Alpha Genome

You may want to invest in this one as an Opifex, especially if you go the Combined Sharpshooter route. The perk specials on this one are less rewarding than the Beta line, but are still decent.

Total Stats
48 Sense
48 Agility


8.2.9 Opifex Beta Genome

An opifex will probably to invest points in this eventually. It'll make it easier to equip most of your armor, as it adds to Str, Stam. It also has a few specials that could be useful in pvp, including one that lowers nano skills by 5% and an excellent damage perk.

Total Stats
24 Strength
24 Staming
24 Intelligence
24 Psychic

Blinded by Delights
Dizzying Heights

8.2.10 Nanobreed Genomes

If you're a nanomage, I don't see any reason why putting points in genomes except to equip some armor. These perk specials are very dependant on nanoskills, which soldier don't excel in. Also, the specials themselves aren't that great, especially Notum Shield, which will cancel our reflects. Save your points and put them in weapon perks.

8.2.11 Alien Technology Expertise

You'll need points in here if you intend to equip any alien armor / weapons.

Please continue on the the third part of this guide. It will cover Research and more.

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Written by Tepamina
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