Thin Bernice Vendor

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Level: 50-220
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Thin Bernice is a far-off merchant that sells tank armor, battle suits, and ammo. She is located in the town of
Perpetual Wastelands - 1050x2500
in the Perpetual Wastelands. To get there, take the whom-pah from Newland Desert to Hope, and the whom-pah from there to Sabulum.

Note that she does not consider those under level 50 worthy of talking with.

Her inventory consists of the following QL 80 to 120 armours:

Her stock isn't cheap and if you are on a budget you'll need to kill a couple of dyna bosses or pull a mission with a battle suit as the reward. But since Bernice's stock is in various different QLs, she might be the girl to see if you're after a specific QL.

Note that you can overtune the Tank Armors to remove most of the penalties and provide great protection. The guide can be found here.

Note: Always check the requirements of any item before you purchase it (move cursor over item, hold shift+left click).

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