Stolt's Trading Outpost

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Found on the whompah route between Newland and Hope,
Stolt's Trading Outpost
Newland Desert - 2190x1570
does not have a huge amount going on, and rarely gets very busy... but this outpost surely does have its own hidden treasures.


2190 x 1570 Newland Desert

What buildings will you find there?

There is a Fair Trade located at the Outpost, containing Advanced and Superior Shopping terminals and trade departments. Next to Fair Trade is a "Suspicious Looking Building" which I assume to be a mission location as I couldn't just walk into it. There was another building also behind the whompahs, but this had no information attached to it.

Who will you find there?

Behind the whompahs, you will find the following NPCs:

Anything else?!

There certainly is! Not only is there an ICC Cell Structure Scanner and an Insurance Reclaim Terminal .. but there are Food and Drink Terminals!! Well, you never know when they might come in useful in the desert!

Last updated on 01.27.2020 by Saavick
Written by Ukblizzard
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