Rhinoman Valley

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Home to Rhinoman Apprentices, Rhinoman Bashers, Rhinoman Mothers, and Rhinoman Smashers to name a few.. there seriously is not a lack of Rhinoman.. or women.


The entrance to the
Rhinoman valley
Newland Desert - 2415x1620
is at 2415 x 1620, Newland Desert. You can fly into the valley from any side, however if you are on foot, then it will be easier via these coordinates.

The Rhinoman:

The Rhinoman in this valley appear to be between level 15 and 50. Although they drop monster junk and other random monster type loot, these Rhinoman mobs also drop Rhinoman Leather Armour.


The buildings in the valley all appeared to be mission buildings.


The Valley has 2 NPCs, Herbalist Gerard, from the Social Clothing / Basic Armour Questline and Professor Van Horn.

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