Galway Nature Reserve

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Galway Nature Reserve

Location: 2462 x 2474 Galway County.

Galway Nature Reserve
Galway County - 2462x2474
is a small protected area on Rubi-Ka. The fastest way to get to it, would be to either take the Galway grid exit or the whompahs to Galway Castle from Rome Red, Outpost 10-3 and Omni-Trade.

Outside the Galway Nature Reserve.

Location of the Galway Nature Reserve on Saavick's Map of Rubi-Ka.

Located at the furthest north east side of Galway County, the Galway Nature Reserve is a small protected area, surrounded by a nano-infused fence. It appears that the omni trade mogul Galway (who pretty much stamped his named on anything he built) funded the construction of this reserve.

By the entrance there is a cabin, which is available to visitors.

The cabin's interior is very basic, you'll need to being your own supplies.

At the center of the reserve you'll see a swamp.

The area is kept fairly clean, making this one of the nicest places to visit.

The reserve has a series of connected boardwalks allowing people to safely visit the swamp.

Below you will see a few of the species living at the reserve.

The area is large enough for plenty of nature lovers to camp out.

The only possible downside to the reserve, is that there is a notum field right next to it, to the north west corner. At the time of the publishing of this guide, the field was owned by clan side.

With such a secluded location, away from the daily grind it is a perfect getaway spot.

Warning: A "hot" notum field can attack you if you run close enough to it, with a chance to "flag" you, making you open to attack by other players. You can learn more about Land Control here.

Last updated on 01.19.2023 by Saavick
Written by Windguaerd
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