Beer 'n' Booze

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If you are the kind of person that looks for a brawl in a bar, this is exactly the place for you. With its rickety about-to-fall-down outlook from the outside, we can assure you that it doesn't give you anything less on its inside. One very important aspect to note is that as soon as you zone into the bar you are in 5% gas. So, be warned!!

Beer 'n' Booze
Mort - 2837x1932

Location: 2837 x 1932, Earsnest Wasteland, Hope

Outside of Beer 'n' Booze

As you enter the building, you will firstly quite possibly inhale the beer aroma, secondly perhaps notice the slight chaotic mess of broken furniture... and then realise you are face to face with Bonzo.

Inside the bar.

You may be in a rough place, but you have nothing to fear from Bonzo, although she would like you to think differently. A lot of talk but no goods from that one! She is however the NPC for the Enforcer part of the Jack Legchopper Ring Quest.

Further into the bar, you will see Mack stood at his bar. He has quite a lot to say about two people and their broken car. He also claims that his bar is in a mess because of a cyborg. I have popped in here over the years and he hasn't once attempted to clean it up!! He states he likes it just how it is.

Mack stood proudly at his bar

Behind the bar, you will find a *cough* delightfully decorated backroom, with completely *cough cough* modern toilet facilities!

Last updated on 11.26.2012 by Llie
Written by Ukblizzard
Maps: Atlas of Rubi Ka.

Thanks to Sovieta for reminding me about the 5% gas!
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