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What is Scripting?

Scripting in Anarchy Online is a great way of maximising what you can out of text, emotes and chat commands - it allows you to string together these things to give you some great automated textual content. Khuri's Script Editor is a great tool featured on AO Universe to make your scripting really straight forward. However in this guide, we will give you some information about potential uses of scripting and commands you can input to it.

With AO, basically each line in your script - is one you could have potentially typed or /emoted in game. It works exactly the same with whichever active chat channel you have selected, or you can write the script to go to a specific channel all the time, irrelevant of what you have selected ingame.

What can I not do with a script?

The client does NOT allow any attacks, nano casting or perk specials automation to be performed in this way.

Also, as mentioned in Khuris information on the script editor :

Please Note:
- Do not make Chatlines larger then 1024 chars at once. It will crash your Client!
- Do not make a Script larger then 4096 chars in total. It will crash your Client!
- Do not use fake-references of items for sellings items! It's not nice to other people

So, what can I really use a script for?

Scripting is great for use in raid situations when people are dependant on knowing when you can next cast something, or if you are the main caller in a raid - then you can use a script instead of a macro if you wanted to let the team or raid force know what you are currently attacking and what you will be targetting next.

Scripts are really useful when running or participating in RP events - such as giving a talk about something at the Science Symposeum, or perhaps receiting a poem at a reading night.

Script Commands

These are all commands you can input into your script

/ <text> or /sayThis will send text to vicinity. Remember to put a space between the / and your text!
/t <text>This will send text to your team channel
/o <text>This will send tex to your organisation channel
/s <text>This text will shout into vicinity
/w <text>This text will whisper into vicinity
/ch <channel>Change default channel to the channel of your preference
/me <text>Emote <text> into vicinity
/lft <message>Turns LFT on and off and inputs <message> as your LFT description
/afk <message>Turns afk on and off and inputs <message> as your away message
/anonTurns anonymous mode on and off. When on, /list will not show your name
/listShows upto 16 players (including yourself if you are not /anon) currently in the same zone as you
/campExit out of AO
/quitExits AO immediately
/ignore <name>Add or remove <name> from your ignore list
/selectselfTargets yourself
/text <text>Shows <text> in your own chat window
/voice <sound>Plays <sound> from your voicepack file
/start <target>Can be used to open your default browser window with a webpage.
E.g. /start
/option <option> <value> Changes the games settings.
/setoption <option> <value>Similar to /option, but this command will also display changes in the chat window
/delay <time>Makes the script wait <time> miliseconds. This is a VERY important command
/funcomA thank you message
/messagebox textMakes a message box pop up on your screen. Can also be used to put images in the boxes.

There are also a set of commands for pet users to use and you can find them here in this guide. In addition, all emotes can also be used.

Setting Variables in your Scripts

So, not only can you use all those above commands - but you can also input some variables as shown in the table below:

%mInserts your own character name
%0Inserts the name of the script you are running
%tInserts the name of your current primary target
%fInserts the name of the target you are currently fighting
%1 to %9Replaces with parameters you gave to your script

How do I use these Script Commands?

Well, it really is very simple. Either you can use the ScriptEditor Tool here on AOU. Or you can open wordpad or a similar textual document creator.

Your scripts can really be as simple or as complex as you want to make them, lets have a look at some examples.

When you have made your script, you need to save it into your AO preferences Directory in a folder called "scripts" (without quotes, of course). If this is your first time making a script, you will need to make yourself a completely new folder in your Anarchy Online preferences folder. The location of your preferences folder will depend on what version of Windows you are running. For Windows XP, your scripts folder should be created at the following path:

C:/Users/[user]/Local Settings/Application Data/Funcom/Anarchy Online/[hashcode]/Anarchy Online/scripts

For Windows 7 or newer systems, the script folder should be created at the following path

C:/Users/[user]/AppData/Local/Funcom/Anarchy Online/[hashcode]/Anarchy Online/scripts

Where, [user] would be your username, and [hashcode] will be some unique string of letters and numbers that vary depending on where you installed Anarchy Online. When you save your script, if your script has an extension (such as ".txt" then you will need to enter it as part of the script name, so it would be easier to create script files without extensions, but Windows will hide a file's extension from you by default. Go to open the "Control Panel" and select "Folder Options" and click "View" for the option "Hide extensions for known file types." Uncheck it to show file extensions. After you create a script, you can remove the extension from the name of the file.

Then, when you are ingame you just need to type /SCRIPTNAME (with file extension if it has one e.g. .txt )
and hit enter and your script will start! Alternatively, you can set up a macro and pop the macro on your quick bar to make things even more simple for you!

Need an example?

Of course you do! Here are some great examples of scripts you could try using

/say Greetings, may I have your attention.
/delay 3000
/me looks around
/delay 3000
/say Welcome to Rubi Ka!

/delay 3000
/say Hello %t, please could I trouble you for %1 %2?

Remember when you run this script to insert your parameter for %1 and %2, for example - Riot Control
Also, you need to target whoever you are requesting for this buff so their name appears in the %t part.

This one is really handy for Soldiers. It can be modified with different timings for TMS. The same idea can be applied to other nano programs as well.

/text -._.-._AMS UP_.-._.-
/delay 40000
/text AMS: 40 seconds remaining
/delay 25000
/text AMS: 15 seconds remaining
/delay 10000
/text AMS: 5 seconds remaining
/delay 5000
/text -._.-._AMS DOWN_.-._.-

So, that really is the basics, more complex ideas for scripting are discussed within Khuris Script Editor.

Last updated on 01.16.2020 by Saavick
Written by Ukblizzard
Supporting information from Ariensky.
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