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These are just the very basic commands that will allow you to use a pet.

Commands For Pets
Help on pet commands*/pet help
Open Pet Info window
(if not open)
/open pet
Follow owner/pet follow
Attack <target>/pet attack
Guard owner**
(Usual status right after pets are cast)
/pet guard
Stay behind owner/Retreat from combat**
(A good feature to use after zoning to ensure pets do not default to Guard)
/pet behind
(Stay exactly where they are/Don't move or attack anything)
/pet wait
Report health and fighting target/pet report
Rename pet/pet rename <name>
(one word msg)
/pet chat <message>
(Target yourself, another player, another pet, or certain NPCs)
/pet heal
Terminate all current pets /pet terminate
Terminate Specific Pet/pet PETNAME terminate
Terminate Specific Pet (Macro)
(Target the pet to Terminate)
/macro Term /pet "%t" terminate

If you type "/pet help", you will bring up a window that has links to all of the pet commands, and clicking on the links will automatically create a macro button for your Hotbar.

Often pets will default back to GUARD after a player zones in game. Always check your pet status and use "BEHIND" right after zoning to ensure you have them under control, and not in combat by attacking guards, or smacking a tower without your authorization!

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