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Helpbot is one of the most helpful player-made features in-game. Many new players have no idea what it is or how to use it or who is behind it. You might assume that Funcom is behind Helpbot, but you'd be wrong. Helpbot is a 100% player-based initiative originally created by Beaker with help from the AO Community, but its functions have grown.

You may have seen this ad in the Condemned Subway.

The bot is a program logged into the AO chat servers making it available in-game. This allows Helpbot to help you from any location you may be at in AO.

Helpbot is an icon and throughout this guide we will refer to it under this name. Being a player-made initiave, the actual Helpbot character may not always be available though. As of May 2022, the following bots are available:
Aquest, Helpbot
. If you are in an organisation with a bot, it will likely support most or all of the same functionality.

To get a complete list of all available commands, just /tell helpbot help in your chat window.

Game Information

/tell Helpbot level <level>
This will tell you who you can team and PvP with level wise (you can't team with people too far from your level be it above or below yours). Additionally the bot will also show what QL missions you can do on Rubi-Ka.

This is a very useful command when trying to find members to team with, or when considering who you can PvP with. It will also make it easier on you to find items you want to blitz.

Note: Blitzing means that instead of fighting through an entire mission, your goal is just to get the mission reward by calming mobs or just running to the end of the mission.

/tell Helpbot mission <mission level>
This will tell which level you have to be to pull a mission of the requested mission level.

/tell Helpbot oe <skill>
This command does a fast calculation to show you if you're able to use a weapon/armor at 100%.

Note: For armor or a weapon to work at 100% you need to have more than 75% of the skills required to use it. This means that you can use items to buff your abilities and/or a Trader to raise them further with a wrangle nanoformula, equip the item and then after you go back to your normal skills level you may be still able to use them at 100% of their defensive/offensive stats. The OE command will help you asses if you are able to do this...

/tell Helpbot Dyna level <maxlevel> <location>
This command will bring up a listing of which dyna camps are approximate the level you specify, between the two levels you specify, or can be found in the specified zone.

/tell Helpbot whereis <location>
This command will display information regarding various zones and locations that you specify.

/tell Helpbot bio <drop-bio-material-here>
This command will display what the bio material that you just picked is used for (armor, weapons, AI city buildings, etc...)

/tell Helpbot basebuffs
/tell Helpbot skillbuffs
These commands will display a listing of which professions can buff what abilities and skills respectively.

/tell Helpbot calc <your math here>
Helpbot can be your calculator. If you're not good at doing math in your head, helpbot is here for you.

/tell Helpbot trickle <ability> <amount>
Helpbot can also tell you how much trickle-down you will receive if you increase one of the specified abilities by some amount.

/tell Helpbot nano <name of nano program>
Gives you a link with the description of the requested nano, and where it's from (e.g. RK store, mission reward, dyna loot).

/tell Helpbot items <search terms for item name>
Gives a list of links to the descriptions of items matching the search terms. As a shortcut, you can also use /tell Itemsbot <search terms for item name>.

/tell Helpbot recipe <item name>
Show the tradeskill recipe to make the requested item. An alternative to Recipebot, should that bot be unavailable.

Team Management and Loot Distribution

/tell Helpbot flip
With this command the bot will practically flips a coin for you and tells you whether you got heads or tales.

/tell helpbot roll <x> <y>
This command makes a random roll between the two numbers you enter. For example if you type "/tell helpbot roll 1 6" then Helpbot will randomly choose between the numbers 1 through 6. This is used by teams to decide who gets some phat loot.

/tell helpbot verify <roll>
Both flip and roll commands give you a verification code you could give to fellow players and if they type "/tell helpbot verify <number>" helpbot will tell them the result that you got. Also there is a timeout feature to lower the chance of someone cheating and rolling numbers too fast so they get the number they want. It's not a fool proof method, but it's a fairly trusted feature used by players on a daily basis. You can also just type "/tell helpbot verify" and it will list the latest rolls made by players.

Player Information

/tell Helpbot whois <player>
This will give you a neat rundown of the character that you type, including level, alien level, faction (clan/neutral/omni) and also will provide the name of the organization he is in (if he is in a guild) and the rank he holds in the org.

/tell Helpbot is <player>
This will tell you whether or not the specified player is currently on-line.

Notes on Helpbot

Helpbot has tons of other features, both fun and useful, including listings of what loot AI generals drop, what pocketbosses drop what symbiants, and quick-lists of settings that you can click on to turn up or down your game client's graphics settings to reduce lag.

When Helpbot is not available in-game, you are will receive a 'user is not logged in' and/or 'user inbox is full' message due to the number of players using the bot. In that case, try one of the alternative bots mentioned in the Introduction.

Last updated on 05.27.2022 by Saavick
Information originally provided by Windguaerd.
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