Cyborg Domain

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Level: 50-100
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Avalon - 1290x3870
have an outpost in Avalon (1290,3870) which you can take on. It's located a little west from Camelot Castle. There is only one way in from the ground, which you can see below. You can always be adventurous and get out of your yalm while hovering above the outpost.

This outpost has Cyborgs are between level 80-110 and there are a good number of them with a fast re-spawn rate. The drop rate on armor isn't great but the spot is rarely camped or hunted anymore. All cyborgs will occasionally put their weapon aside to kick or punch you, so be ready for that. Cyborgs use a diverse selection of weapons so be careful of their damage type, and as mentioned above they do have the ability to throw in melee attacks on top of their ranged ones if you let them get close enough. Cyborgs can take down an unpreprared fighter or a poorly organized team very quickly.

The main reason to take on cyborgs it the Cyborg Death Squad Armor which some of them drop. This armor is good with the Fixers it is aimed at, as well as agents who can equip it with their false profession ability. The armor can be found at any quality levels depending on the level of the cyborg that drops the armor.

Your best bet if you are only after the armor is getting a higher level character to farm the armor for you, otherwise you will need a decent team to hunt them for experience as well as the possibility of getting the armor.

If you manage to get a good team together you can level fairly fast at this location. Be sure to check out the High Level Encounter: Cyborg Strongholds guide if the Cyborg Domain is no challenge for you.

Cyborgs in Missions

You can also of course pull cyborgs in missions, although this is a lot more like rolling the dice hoping they'll be there when you enter a mission. The best bet is to set your mission slider to 100% chaos on the mission select display, this however could lead to any type of mob other then the cyborgs you want.

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